Wearable Computing Apps. Fashionably Innovative.

Wearable computing technology is the new BIG thing gradually making its mark into the mainstream, at a time when smartphones and tablets are reaching a level of saturation in mobile technology. Currently available devices are Google Glass, Smart Watches & SmartBand (Sony). VITEB is a pioneer in wearable computing application development offering process-driven innovative solutions in Smart Watch Application development, Google Glass Application development and Augmented Reality Application development.



Google Glass App Development.

Our Google Glass app developers at VITEB use technology based on Google recommended programming languages – Java and Python for Google Glass app development. We create OAuth verification and tie their Google account to their Glasses and allow access to Google’s Glassware API and access the SDKs.

  • Java 1.6 capability
  • Apache Maven for part of the build process
  • App Engine SDK for Java
  • App Engine SDK for Python
  • Eclipse (an integrated developer environment (IDE) for app building)

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Smart Watch App Development.

Smart Watch Application development is based on the concept of information that moves with you. VITEB is a pioneer of application development for wearable devices, including the most recently launched Android Wear SDK, which will allow you to create even more unique experiences like:

  • Custom UI Development (that allows you to run activities directly on wearables),
  • Send Data (between a phone and a wearable with a data replication APIs and RPCs).
  • Control Sensors (collect sensor data and display it in real-time on Android wearables)
  • Voice Actions (allows your app to handle voice actions)

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Augmented Reality Application Development.

Augmented Reality (AR) mobile apps development is based on the concept that involves the augmentation of the elements of real world environment by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. VITEB as an emerging Augmented Reality Agency offers AR Customized app development with high-end augmented reality design that complements AR Integration with existing branding. Our augmented reality developers build:

  • AR Business Cards where a physical business card is scanned and using an AR app, a virtual image or video is superimposed over the physical card.
  • Augmented Reality on Maps using Geolocation and geospatial mapping.
  • Audio/Video and Motion Graphics Creation, including 2D and 3D Design and Animation
  • Augmented Reality app for Retail, where you can bring your product packaging to life directly at the POS with QR code.
  • Augmented Reality app for Real Estate, which helps detect physical markers and display any digital companion content.
  • Augmented Reality Game Development involves augmenting certain elements like modified sound, 3D add-ons, haptic feedback, etc. to create magic.
  • Add interactive 3D content to your printed media & link it to your online store that helps boost sales and bring your print to life.

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Wearable Computing App Solutions. Delivered.

  • Social Networking

  • Online Store

  • Entertainment

  • Education

  • the Less-abled

  • Maps & Locations

  • Photos/Video/Chats/

  • Mini Games

Design. Develop. Debug. Deploy.

  • Design
  • Develop
  • Debug
  • Deploy


CLEAN LINES, SIMPLE TEXT, & EASY MENU STRUCTURE with self-effacing design offer users the information and UX they are looking for.


SPEED is at the core of Wearable Computing as information need to be provided by seconds - with quick response time and fast interaction with servers.


Highest quality standards testing in various environments to ensure that the Apps displays ACCURATE INFORMATION and is visible in a variety of Settings.


Deploying your Glassware via the Google play store in addition to your own website.

Augmented Reality App Creation


Wearable computing technology is one of the most lucrative podium to EXPLORE new markets, build new client base and expand sales. Our high-end wearable computing application development services help YOU build intuitive and powerful Google Glass App, Smart Watch App and Augmented Reality App that helps your customers stay connected to you, drive your business to meet your existing goals and stay ahead of competition.

  • Inclusive Growth
  • Domain Expertise
  • Value for Money
  • Time-bound