Trainer Approved

Industry:  Health and Fitness
Solution: iPhone & Android App development, Website Maintenance

The Project

Our client based in California, USA owns a fitness training facility approached us for developing an iPhone app and later Android application along with performing Website Maintenance services by cleaning up bugs and fixing the code in the website.

The Challenge

The key challenge of the project was that the code for the existing website, which the client came to us with, was poorly programmed and required many fixes/tweaks to make it work properly. Moreover, the client wanted us to bridge the iPhone app with main website business logic using web service to communicate user’s preferences/settings etc. so users can keep track of their routines in iPhone app in parallel to the website.


  • Cleanup existing website code for bugs and remove unwanted code
  • Make necessary adjustments to make the website run faster.
  • Create Web Services for iPhone App.
  • Develop iPhone App
  • Develop Android App
  • Regular updates to website and mobile app


  • Web services were developed for different user interactions on the app and reflect user’s actions in website.
  • As the previous iPhone app worked on web view to show website, it could not be updated on iTunes store due to Apple’s imposed restriction.
  • We developed native iPhone application from scratch that is customizable to provide better user experience.
  • The success of iPhone app prompted the client to also have us develop the Trainer Approved Android app.

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