Industry: Legal
Solution: Social Networking Portal

The Project

The 'SocioCentral' project on social networking portal development required us to build a unique platform to share information on specific social networking websites. The client based in Vancouver, BC wanted us to create a unique but simple interface through which users can easily search for updates and tags that can direct user to specific information.

The Challenge

The key challenge of the SocioCentral project was to create a unique website that can manage the website directory through a unique interface using database menu. Here the user can search for sites alphabetically, by rank or date and get registered to the website and have access to the entire social network database. In short, the client wanted us to build a website that will work as a center database of all social networks – from providing URLs of website to ratings, reviews, star ratings, Alexa rankings, etc.


We had to not just create social network listing but to allow users to search, use, review and rate their preferred social networks. We needed to create a social networking platform where users besides getting registered to the website and accessing the entire social network database, can even add their own URL to the SocioCentral database.


We created a design which is very classy, with simple navigation to aid users from usability prospect. We ensured that each and every data and content on the website is manageable by administrator using a backend admin panel. Other significant features are:

User Authentication


User Account

  • Show relative information feeds on the Dashboard
  • Submit/Edit link from Dash Board | Add/Edit Tags from Dash Board
  • Favorite Networks | Suggest Networks to user | Networks suggested by user

Contact Form


  • Search By Keyword | Advance Search | Ranking | Ranking Date | Country


News Letter

RSS Feeds

Advertisement Banners

Database of Networks

  • List Networks | Details of networks | Rate the network | Suggest Network to friend
  • Name | URL | Category | Description | List User Comments
  • Post Comment
  • List the Rating
  • Social Media Sharing Icons

Google Ads


Contact Form

Admin Side Functions

  • General Settings
  • User Management | Network Management | CMS | Advertisement Management
  • News

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