Shopping List Planner Lite

Industry: Business, Event Management
Solution: Mobile App Development

The Project

Planning is an integral part of optimal shopping experience; and the Shopping List Planner app for iPhone is built on this very concept. This app allows users to create a shopping list, and makes personalized 'shopping' experience a reality.

The Challenge

The key challenge for the Shopping List Planner Lite app was to develop an architecture that infused app functionality with simplicity of use, intuitiveness, and a wholly satisfying user experience. The difficult part was to offer a slew of features to make the shopping process quicker and shopping experience better, while ensuring a simple interface with easy navigation.


  • Make complete use of the features of the iOS platform so as to offer comprehensive users functionalities
  • Allow users to create store-wise shopping lists that can be edited easily
  • Allow the lists to be shared with friends
  • Remind users about a particular shopping list if they are passing near a store that is part of the list.
  • Offers a user interface, that's uncluttered and makes for efficient use.
  • Technologies used: iOS 4.0, SQLite database, xCode, Objective C, Facebook & Twitter API integration


  • Create a shopping list, manage it and optimize its use – making shopping simple and efficient.
  • Organize your shopping list store wise.
  • Easy editing.
  • Sharing with friend.
  • Item & category customization.
  • Reminder while passing near store as well as on scheduled time.
  • Clean &am natural user interface.

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