Journal of Asian Martial Arts

Industry: Health & Fitness
Solution: Ecommerce Web Solution

The Project

Our client from Santa Fe, NM wanted us to deliver an Ecommerce Web solution for their website Journal of Asian Martial Arts. The website about Asian martial traditions archive nearly 500 informative articles about the martial art skills, and is known for its high academic and aesthetic standards.

The Challenge

The key challenge of the project was to upgrade the original website that was created in WordPress. The existing website was incomplete in terms of content as well as lacked features like adding articles to the website from backend and online ordering from the frontend. The most challenging factor was to ensure secure accessibility of articles, so that people can order them online but cannot download for unauthorized distribution to others that will ultimately affect your business ROI.


  • Analyze client requirements
  • Deliver a custom ecommerce shopping cart system that enabled the backend part with ease of execution of products (articles) of the website.
  • Administrator of website can upload article from the backend in .SWF format, provide title, description and also categorize it.
  • Client can also define number of views for each article.
  • Train Client to convert the existing .PDF articles into the .SWF.



  • Search articles | Browse articles by categories
  • Most recent articles | Most popular articles
  • Online ordering of articles
  • Online preview of ordered articles (not downloadable) with predefined number of views for each
  • Payment gateway integration with PayPal and
  • SSL integration in shopping cart checkout step


  • Category management
  • Product (Article) management
  • Order listing and details

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