Freedom Filters

Industry: Ecommerce Store (Online AC Filter shop)
Solution: Recurring Order and Custom Discount apply with Shipping Rules

The Project

Our client Freedom Filters, based in Florida USA wanted us to build a Magento solution for Online AC filters store business. The ecommerce store "" offers automatic scheduled deliveries of replacement air filters and other quality HVAC maintenance products, which ensure regular and hassle-free maintenance of your indoor air quality.

The Challenge

The key challenge of the project was to offer a very user-friendly solution for ordering multiple filters with option of frequency to set Recurring Order (user can automatically place an order on a preset frequency, viz. every 2 months, every 6 months, etc.). The Client also wanted us to integrate Free Shipping option for users within Florida State with specific shipping methods. Another challenge was to make Custom Discount Rules applicable on the shopping cart.


  • Design and develop a seamless online shopping website using Magento framework.
  • Apply custom logic for the Discount Rules (viz. If overall product quantity is greater than 2 in the shopping cart, then customer will get 20 percent discount on the purchase amount)
  • Apply the logic for the Recurring Order and Shipping Rule for the site (using Magento extension).
  • Integrate custom inquiry page


Frontend features:

  • Easy filter product selection.
  • Personalization of frequency for filter for each products
  • User Account Creation & Profile Management on website
  • Online ordering through Shopping Cart
  • Order confirmation & Tracking
  • Option for 'Cancel Subscription' from users account
  • Custom inquiry Page for custom product

Backend features:

  • Creating product categories and sub categories.
  • Customization to ordering display for each product
  • Category management
  • Sub category management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Shipping Rule Management
  • Discount Rule Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • CMS Pages Management
  • Inquiry/Leads Management For Custom Product

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