Industry: Automotive
Solution: DotNet Development

The Project

Our client for AU2NET website based in Denmark, wanted us to set up a multilingual website using ASP/C# .NET (integrated with IAAI vehicle inventory) that will offer platform for users to sign up on our website and place bids on vehicles from IAAI website.

The Challenge

  • Key challenge was to sync inventory data with IAAI web service, which has its own set of rules and restriction.
  • Ensure data consistency and integrity, since data was huge and takes very long to sync entire inventory.
  • Had to add Payment Subscriptions since the “website” with client base in Denmark are not allowed to accept payments on website.
  • It was a tough challenge to maintain website performance with the enormous amount of data coming in from IAAI.


  • Developed a customized website in ASP .NET for multilingual CMS functionality
  • Multi lingual CMS allows admin to add content for different languages from the admin area and user can see website in different languages.
  • Website keeps track of all transactions happening in website in consistent manner.
  • Developed multi-threaded service that runs parallel to sync inventory data so as to cope with performance of inventory sync.
  • PayPal subscribe buttons integrated and user profiles created in PayPal based on user’s selected subscription period.
  • Website works on optimized database queries for giving optimum performance while working with large amount of data.
  • Cascaded dropdown for searching vehicles ensures user gets to search results quickly and easily.


  • Multilingual CMS-based application that allows admin to manage content in different languages.
  • Website needs to integrate with IAAI API for getting data from IAAI inventory every day and update inventory on website.
  • Website allows users to sign up using monthly, 6 monthly and yearly paid subscription which would be integrated with PayPal for collecting payment.
  • For logged in user, website allows to make payment for generating account balance which is required for user to place bid online.
  • Allows browsing through thousands (more than 45K) of available vehicles and place bid.
  • Admin to get notifications for placed bid which can then be further placed on IAAI website with updated Bid status in our website.
  • Admin to manage list of users, list of bid requests and manage bid status from IAAI website
  • Admin to keep track of all transactions and generate reports to identify profit from the website.
  • Notification emails in website keeps all users updated about their bid status, money withdrawal, etc.

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