• Custom Web Design – Why & How to go about!

    The internet has become a necessity for today’s business of any nature or size to grow and develop. One’s online manifestation in the form of a website ensures maximum visibility to the target audience resulting in better business returns.

    However, with the advent of newer technologies, every website has to battle, to be noticed. But in this battle, websites tend to confuse, rather than appeal, to the target. One must note that a well designed and developed website is favored by search engines and web viewers, and thereby most of the website owners have chosen customized web designs.

    Why Custom Website Design

    1. Big help for small business- Being the most inexpensive way to display and market yourself, small businesses can get a big thrust with the proper website designed to cater to its niche clientele.
    2. Full on Functionality- Custom Web design not only allows for your design freedom, but also ensures optimum functionality best suited for your own product.
    3. Be yourself- Another big advantage of a custom web design is that it gives the owner flexibility and comfort to show exactly what he wants to show. So you get to choose what colors, patterns, shapes, or even texts describe you and your business best.
    4. Make more money- A customized website is ideal to help you harvest more revenue.  A custom web design is certainly more customer friendly and search engine effective, thereby bringing in more relevant traffic to your website. This supports in heightening your revenues and helping you make more and more money out of a simple yet effective custom made website.

    How do I make an Ideal Website?
    As discussed earlier, the key to an effective website is to keep it uncomplicated.  Keep the following points in mind and you are on your way to convert your website visitors to customers!

    • Color me simple- First things first. Keep the look clean to keep the website friendly to the eyes. Colors are critical. Try to bring some uniformity within the colors used in order to please the eye.
    • Flash me not- Do not use flashy imagery as it will only work to distract the viewer from the text and defeat the purpose of the website.
    • Blue is new- Website visitors are accustomed to the conventional color theme of a blue link being unseen and a purple one as visited. Changing this setting may take your client away from the page he intends to be on, resulting in the loss of a customer.
    • Alive and Kicking- The content of the website is one of the most primary ingredients to your success. Therefore, special attention must be paid to updating the website content. This will ensure that your previous visitors also stop by and pay some heed to the new.
    • Modest wins the race- Keep the website technologically simple without too many scroll bars or forms or even tabs. Customers pay more attention with less to view. A clutter free website is a sure winner when compared to a jigsaw puzzle!

    These elements in your kitty and you are on your own internet business freedom! Bon voyage!