• Website Programming – A Smashing Opportunity to Boost Performance Metrics

    Those who are not much aware of web programming, consider HTML as its synonym. However, it’s certainly not true. Web programming is a vast field and it is far beyond the HTML code. From server-side PHP programming and lay-out coding like CSS to big one-stop web solution like Django, web programming deals with plenty of languages or frameworks.

    LAMP Technology – Make your Web development Easy and Fast
    LAMP technology is considered as one of the most important framework in website development. LAMP is an abbreviation of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP; these are the four major tools used in website development. Linux is the operating system – the base of all programs, Apache is the internet server that uploads your web-pages on internet browser, PHP is a web programming language and MySQL is the database system that all the content/data of the website.

    Today, the demand of LAMP technology is decreased significantly but the renowned CMS development website, WordPress, still uses this technology in its web frameworks. Most of the web programmers consider LAMP development as the basic web programming language but use of this framework makes website development a lot easy and fast.

    WordPress – Create your own Blogging Website
    There is a range of web development frameworks available on the market. You can pick any one based on your business requirements and create your own web-presence easily. For instant, if you want to create your own blogging website, all you have to do is download WordPress on server, pick any template and starts posting blogs.

    If you want to make an online forum website, you can simply use phpBB. A Wiki website just needs MediaWiki to start functioning. The only drawback of these plentiful programming languages is you need to learn a lot for wordpress website design . Also, you need to keep updating your programming knowledge to be in line with latest trends on the market.

    Real Challenge in Web Programming…
    The programming difficulties are less when you’re using LAMP stack or the basic web programming languages like HTML and CSS. However, developing your website using any of these ancient frameworks can be risky.

    World Wide Web has very few universal standards; in fact all the available internet browsers have some twists in form of compatibility issue. It is a challenging task to build a website such that it looks similar on all web browsers and you can ensure this thing in your code.

    There is one more negative side of web programming; it can’t be transformed entirely to another platform like mobile devices. Mobile programming has least similarities with the web; web is all about coding of web-pages and mobile apps are all about application programming using APIs.

    To sum up, website development and custom software development can brings lots of opportunities for your business but learning web programming is itself a challenging task. To become web development expert, you need to put sincere efforts and invest huge time. However, if you want to learn programming for a particular website, it can be easier.