• Web Application Development – Whether to choose Opensource or Custom Build

    Nowadays, we can see huge rise in web and mobile applications as we need that to serve our purpose. Web applications are useful to get useful information or data within fraction of time which is highly useful for enterprises to track their business processes from anywhere in the world. We have analysed two different approaches towards web application development and customization:

    • Pre-built
      Sometimes you may just require a simple application like a blog. In that case, an open source CMS can help you greatly. Any good CMS, with adequate customization can relieve you from your blog related worries. The CMS like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress has simple user-friendly interface that anyone, even without technical knowledge, can make blog or small website with it.
      However, as mentioned earlier, customization plays a key role. It ensures that you get exactly what you desire from your website. Although there are number of free templates, plug-ins and widgets available in the market that can be handy but nothing compares to a custom built site.
    • Custom
      The second approach is a lot more exclusive. It is usually required for building an eCommerce site or any such website, with multiple complex functionalities. Because, while building a web application from scratch, one have to understand the needs of the clients’ business and serve them better with the web solution for which they have desired. It not only strengthens the relationship with the existing users but it ensures the new visitors get converted into customers. The web application is built to execute particular function that can be extremely useful for business owners in the long run.

    At present your website may be functioning as a basic blog, but there is huge possibility that you may think to expand your business in near future. This happens to many businesses regardless the size or scope. Beginning with custom Web Application development, ensures that the expansion of your online presence goes without much disturbances.

    However, the final decision lies with the business owners to make right choice out of these two approaches. Its developer’s to outline the pros and cons of both to the business owner before they take the final call.

    Word of Advice
    Choose your developers wisely as they need to have the requisite information about web application development. Not just that, they should also be able to suggest the most suitable approach that fits your business scope. Ensure before hiring web application developers that they have the necessary flexibility to keep modifying and developing for whatever web applications they have provided you with.

    With the right support and a thorough knowledge of what perfectly suits your business type, your online presence is sure to be a winner.