• Use Magento Extension for Google Remarketing


    It can be extremely challenging to pull your customers/visitors back to your site. However, remarketing allows a website owner to target the same user, but at a different touch-point. To be precise, this is an important tool that helps the website owner to target those visitors who did not convert the first time. It certainly targets those who are progressively searching for a products or services. 

    How Exactly Does Remarketing Work?

    To give you a simple example: You land up on a website and go through the company’s products. Somehow, you are not convinced and walk out without making a purchase. For a few days from then, you see adverts for that same company being displayed on pages that you browse. You believe this to be mere coincidence, however, it somehow feels strange. This is nothing but remarketing.

    When a visitor lands on your website, but leaves without converting, you have all the reasons to pull him back. Remarketing shows relevant ads to your website visitor while he browses other web pages and websites. When a visitor constantly encounters your ad, it promotes brand awareness and better brand recall. This even encourages the visitor to visit your website again, further, inducing him to convert into a customer.

    Almost every visitor visits an online store out of interest, not out of compulsion. If he fails to convert, there may be some serious problems that need immediate attention. There may be several reasons for abandonment like mere distraction, lack of trust, fugitive doubts, desire to know more about the company/brand and so on.
    Whether you have a strong marketing plan or not, it is always advisable to add remarketing if you wish to promote your brand, boost sales activity or merely increase sign-ups. Therefor, readvertising to those visitors and reigniting their interest is of utmost importance.

    Want to Make Your Remarketing Process Simple? 

    Google AdWords is probably the best tools available for remarketing. It takes a long process for remarketing your brand using Google AdWords. There is a remarketing tag which can be created before starting remarketing campaign. Add this tags in all of your website pages. This tag allows the website to add the details of the visitor to remarketing list. Once the visitor is added to the list, he will then be able to see your ad while surfing other sites on the Google Display Network. Now, to be honest, it was exceptionally complicated when it was launch. However, there have been great efforts made to simplify the entire process.

    You are now provided with remarketing snippet that needs to be added on every page of your Magento website. You are provided with Magento extension in Magento Connect to simplifying the entire process of adding this snippet to all the pages of your website.

    By using Magento X-Prime extension you can do remarketing for your online store’s pages. This extension is very powerful as it tags the pages with conversion labels such as product page, category pages, CMS page, SERP on specific query.

    To conclude the entire thing, remarketing permits you a second chance to convert the visitor into a potential customer.