• TwitJet Android App Sneak Peek – Tweet instantly while on the move

    A revolutionary Twitter App has made its way to the market. This article describes all the features and Functions of TwitJet, the all new application for Twitter.

    For all those twitter fans out there, who cannot a day without tweeting, your solution is here! TwitJet. A cool new app for Android with all that you need to access your Twitter account by a single touch.

    Let’s face it. Twitter is an addictive platform! Whoever has the hang of it needs to be updated. This is why the makers of many revolutionary apps (Viteb) have successfully launched TwitJet, to ensure that tweeting is a unique experience in itself.

    This new application is unique in every sense. It allows you to tweet and read tweets from others by a single touch. I mean, we all know how irritating logging in and out all the time can be. This fascinating application helps you to access it minus all the fuss. All you need to do is download this wonderful application and fill in your details. Once you have done that, TwitJet will take care of you!


    Although there have been many Twitter apps in the past, this one is a fresh breath of originality. It is power packed with the most amazing features that make it as exciting as fun. This application allows you to:

    View Timeline
    You can view your timeline easily without having to log in all the time. You can set it wherever you want on the phone, so that the moment you click on the app it shows you the timeline directly.

    Instant Tweet Reply
    You can view and reply to your tweets immediately. The moment your account receives a tweet you will get a notification. Once you go to the notification you can directly read, reply or delete the tweet. Just like SMS!

    Theme controller for Header, Body and Text
    The most striking thing about this application is that it allows you to set themes to your wall depending upon your mood. There is a wide range of template available that you can use. You can change header colour, body text colours etc., to ensure that your wall looks just like you want it to.

    Set time duration for auto-refresh
    If you don’t want continuous updation on the app, you can simply set a time for auto refresh. Say if you would like to check your wall every hour, your app will refresh it every 60 minutes, bringing in all the notifications.

    View links from the tweets to device browser
    If there are links from other tweets that you would like to open and browse, well, this app can link you directly to your phone’s browser the moment you click on it. Just like you can on a desktop!

    Logo to Home Page
    It can be really painful to go page by page to the home screen. That’s why this application has made an avenue that ensures the moment when you click on the logo of TwitJet, it jumps right to the homepage.

    Handle to Page
    Similarly, when you click on someone’s twitter handle, it will directly redirect you to the wall of the handle owner. The experience is ensured to be as similar to the desktop version as possible to ensure that the user finds it easy to operate.

    Activating TwitJet on your device’s home screen

    Activating TwitJet on your device is a very simple process. All you need to do is follow the given step by step instructions.
    •    Long press on the device home screen
    •    You will see a Pop up asking you to add widgets
    •    Tap on the widget option
    •    It will then ask you to choose the widget you want to activate (TwitJet)
    •    Make sure you have enough space on the home screen for the widget
    •    That’s it! TwitJet widget gets activated on your home screen immediately!

    So now all you have got to do is, Tweet Tweet and Tweet some more!

    Download TwitJet Now!