• Top Seven Reasons to Justify WordPress as the Number One Web Content Management Platform

    Website development is the most popular buzzword on the market today. However, many of us don’t have the idea of what exactly it is.  There are so many incomprehensible and abbreviated terms are in the air like HTML, CMS and SEO and all these related to website development. Due to technology advancement and over-the-top demand of web presence, there exists a number of web programming languages on the market. Sometimes it is difficult for programmers to cope up with this rapid growth in web development industry. So, I can imagine how difficult it would be for people who don’t have any idea of website development and all they want is just their presence on internet.

    And that was the one amongst many reasons behind selecting WordPress as a CMS (content management system). Before we peep into other reasons of choosing WordPress CMS website development, let’s have an idea what CMS is:

    CMS – Content Management System
    In the laymen language, CMS is software that isolates the programming and design from the content of the website. Small business owners who don’t have any idea of web programming can also easily update content on their website. Many CMS software also allow end users to create blogs on their own; blogs have become one of the most common business tools today.

    Once you have CMS-based website, you can update text, photos, links or any information of your website on your own; this truly makes sense from the perspective of cost and efficacy; you need to contact web developer and pay them to update any information on your website.

    Here are the top 7 reasons to justify my belief that WordPress is the number one CMS:

    1. If you are a business owner, you don’t have time and resources to invest in updating website content. Learning WordPress CMS is extremely easy and thus you can make the necessary changes as and when you wish.
    2. WordPress CMS is free software and it can be easily deployed at client-side; Web developer still needs to code and design the website, but these facts reduce the development cost of website.
    3. In case you don’t have time to update content of your website, you may call a web developer for the same purpose. WordPress is too easy that all the web developers can work with the platform.
    4. WordPress open source community keeps updating and enhancing the software in terms of its features, user-friendliness and performance.
    5. WordPress development brings an opportunity for you to choose the necessary plug-ins for your website from the thousands of plug-ins available on its official Website.
    6. There is a team of developers continuously working on the further extension of WordPress CMS software. So, you are guaranteed a bright web-future once you have opted for WordPress website design.
    7. WordPress is the best option if you want to develop personal or business blogging website in a matter of minutes. You can post your blogs and articles daily in the most effective manner.

    There is one more reason that I haven’t outlined above, but I personally feel it extremely essential from end user’s perspective – it allows us to create free website to see how the things actually look and how they work? If you are looking for effective, efficient and cost-effective web development solution, WordPress is a right answer.