• Outsourcing 101 – Perform the Checklist before You Outsource your Web Projects to India

    There can be many concerns and myth about outsourcing but here are the most common concerns that may comes in your mind before contacting any B2B web agency. In fact, this can help you or may clear your own definition of “OUTSOURCING” !

    Am I secure if I outsource my web projects to B2B Outsourcing Agency? The Answer is YES!

    B2B Web Outsourcing Agency is like your another virtual company and you can manage everything from your end. Just have a look at below and make yourself clear:

    White Label Solution – It means your clients stay with you only!

    Only your “Brand” will be visible behind all your web projects which are carried out by offshore agency.

    How Does it works?

    • Your client who is inquiring about a service that your outsourced agency offer
    • You forward the project requirement of the client’s request to B2B Agency
    • You get the quote from B2B agency, which you mark up and quote to your client
    • If you get project approval from client then B2B agency complete the project and deliver it to you
    • B2B agency will not interfere between you and your client
    • You are the only one who deliver the completed project to your client

    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Do not worry about to disclose any client or project information because there is a legal agreement (Strict NDA Terms) between you and B2B agency. Each information which you shared with B2B agency are safe and secure.


    Reliable B2B agency has proven expertise in technology and they have been awarded with many certifications like Asp.Net, Magento, MODx, Drupal, Google Adwords etc. So you can get best solution without any doubts.

    Technology Expertise – Can I really sustain in Technology-Trend?

    technology-outsourcingSometimes it may happens as there isn’t much opportunity for your in-house resource to practice using the latest technology and get better at it over time. Likewise, it gets hard for you to accomplish any project. In this circumstance, B2B agency is the only open window where you can go through.

    With a professional B2B Web agency , you not only get quality of web services, but access to superior technical skill-sets as well. Such B2B companies are hire staff on par with international skills so that you can avail the benefits of international quality and standards coding.

    Further, you get a better competitive advantage because as a business owner, your main focus would be delivering best solution and improving your business rather than spending time in managing your in-house resources.

    Cost Cutting & Flexibility………is like Win-Win Situation

    Outsourcing your web projects can be possible at lower cost and with great flexibility instead of hiring your own team or individual web developers for your on-going web projects.

    If you want to hire your own web developers/designers team then it comes at great cost as well as great risk. Because you have to be sure that all resources like designers, developers, SEOs etc should be fully utilize all the their skills unless it would be hard for you to sustain. B2B Web Outsourcing Agency like VITEB are very flexible to work with as they have enough resources for project and have good technology expertise. From month to month your project requirements will call for a varied combination of technology skills, and in this case your outsourced agency can provide this and stay with you to fulfil your needs.

    Besides, B2B agency are good at resource utilization and will be far more flexible about which skills at which levels are applied to your projects from month to month. And even you can outsource your work on weekly, monthly or hourly as per your needs.

    Support – Need “After Sales” Help?


    If you want to built big shopping cart website or complex web application then you always think about “after sales”!

    • What happens if my ecommerce website suddenly goes down?
    • Who will take care if I wish to upgrade my existing web application?

    Basically support and maintenance is really very important things and you can avail it from B2B web outsourcing company which has years of experience in such projects and good technology expertise. If you outsource, this is absorbed by the B2B agency.

    If you dealing with such B2B company for quite long time then they can give you best support and help after delivering your project. In other cases, you will be charged additionally for support.

    If you still have any question for outsourcing your projects to B2B agency then write your comment below, or looking for reliable outsourcing partner then click on Partner with Us!