• What is Responsive Web Design? Mobile & Tablet Friendly Designs

    With number of smartphone users increasing every day, it is official that mobile technology has changed the world completely. Because more and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile phones or tablets, to reach to more and more clients every business demands a mobile version of website for their online business. It is obviously too much of a hassle to view the desktop  version of website on the tiny screens of the handsets, however, the problem is that there are so many mobile platforms available today, that to make a separate website altogether for each platform is not at all a feasible option. This is where website design has taken a full turn.

    Web designing has taken a new approach altogether, in the form of responsive web design. So what is responsive designing anyway? Well, to cut a long story short, Responsive Web designing is a technique through which websites are made in a way that they understand the device through which they are being viewed and automatically adjust to give an optimum result on the particular screen size and platform.

    This is done to make it easier for the user, keeping in mind the most important attribute of the mobile device, i.e., its size. The screen size is much smaller as compared to the desktop, therefore, giving a mobile screen as much content as a desktop monitor, would make the content cluttered and incoherent. To provide better user experience, it is important to have interactive and attractive website.

    Having said this, it is very difficult (and expensive to say the least) to develop a new site for every platform (every other month), because technology is ever growing. In order to curb this cost, adopting the responsive design is the best option. This entails that you have to make only one design and ensure that it is responsive (coding). Once you have done that, you don’t have to worry about anything. The website will adapt to the device by itself.

    Key Features:
    Now after known what responsive design is all about, let us identify what its key features are:

    • Responsive web design is an altered approach taken for web design, where it can generate a flexible layout for a website when viewed from different handsets, owing to screen size, resolution and platform.
    • It makes use of Adjustable images, which re-size themselves based on the device. The resizing may or may not be in proportion to the rest of the layout, in order to enable optimum usage of the screen.


    • It can improve the user’s experience immensely. The user will feel much more comfortable in going through a website that is legible and clear, rather than one that is all cluttered and has different functionality.
    • Using the responsive method saves a lot of money. For obvious reasons, developing a website from scratch each time for new technology can be heavy on your pockets. A responsive method ensures that it runs on just about any platform (provided you code it the right way).
    • You can expect a massive overhaul in the face of technology as is today. There is so much happening in the World Wide Web today, both technologically and commercially, that it is safe to assume that internet as we know it, will soon be taken over by a much more state-of the-art technology. A responsive design would ensure that no matter what comes next; your website is always available for the people who wish to take your services.