• The Best New Add-ons for HTML5!

    HTML5 is a markup language for arranging and presenting content for the World Wide Web. It is a core technology of the Internet that was initially put forth by Opera Software. HTML5 is the fifth updated version of the original HTML created in the year 1990 and that was finally standardized in the year 1997.

    This new version of HTML5 although already in practice is still undergoing massive overhauls. Fundamentally it is aimed at improving the language with the support of all the latest multimedia technologies present. Founding members claim that HTML5 will be advanced and yet easily readable.  It will be easy to work with various devices and gadgets. Apparently, HTML5 is to supersede not just HTML4, but also XHTML1 and DOM level2 HTML as well.

    The New HTML5 Add-ons-
    So, since HTML5 is so promising, maximum numbers of people are turning to it. The stunning results that HTML5 can provide to their websites are compelling users to turn to it. The whole look and feel, alongside the usability of the website is increased multifold. There are a few new add ons.

    Let us see…….

    • Instagram Feed
      The new Instagram feed for HTML5 is like a social media in itself. Your site visitors can visit your images directly on your website. Also, when you follow people you can immediately see their images in your feed. Similarly, when someone subscribes to your website, or follow you, all our images will be displayed to him directly. People can like your photos and leave comments as well. There is a feed icon in the menu which needs to be activated for this.
    • SoundCloud PlayersBest HTML5 Add ons
      SoundCloud Players too is a social feature for the HTML5. It enables you to stream music and bites with the world’s best music player options. It comes in an attractive waveform design and the timed comments can be used on the widget. It also ensures you get a much better exposure of the requisite information of the tracks like the title and playlist. Also, sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is a lot easier.The best thing about the SoundCloud player is that it can run easily on the browser of your choice. You will find lesser instances of crashes caused by Plug ins. It works with all mobile devices too, because it does not use flash. It takes much less time to load because it consumes a lot lesser memory. Energy consumption is also cut down by a large amount. Open source also ensures that development is much faster.
    • Google Calendar
      Who doesn’t like to stay aware about the date and time? With the new Google Calendar feature, you can display your business schedule through the calendar.  This is so cool, because you can use the calendar as a tool to share any upcoming events. Set reminders to these events and publish them on your site!
    • RumbleTalk Chat
      Chatting is almost as essential for a website as any other subpage. In this scenario, RumbleTalk chat proves to be an excellent feature. It enables you to set up your own chat room directly on your website. You can directly chat with your customers or have your users (fans particularly) chat with each other. You can also make communities who can chat within themselves and those who can’t.