• Streamline Your Schedule With ‘Field Job Reporting App’ for Android

    The mere mention of the term ‘Field Job Reporting ’ spells chaos and can even make many braveheart field job managers nervous. However, that will not be the case anymore with the launch of the new breakthrough Android application from Viteb.

    Aptly christened Field Job Reporting app, this revolutionary mobile application with cutting-edge features like ‘keeping track of individual field work while updating field reports in real time’ is undoubtedly what every businesses involving field job management would have vouched for.

    Field Job Reporting app for Android has been strategically developed so as to seamlessly manage field jobs. The app is not only designed to be the essential scheduler and reporting tool that ought to make reporting and keeping track of field jobs easier; but also to enable all individuals who undertake field work, to keep track of their work and update their reports in real time.

    android-app for Field job Reporting

    Make ‘Field Job Reporting’ app Your Most-trusted Partner  
    Field Job Reporting app promises to make your field reporting quicker, simpler and more accurate than ever before. This unique mobile application developed for Android phones not only helps user schedule and keep track of the field work; in fact, it also helps you make the necessary updates as and when required. And once that is done, you can send the report to the concerned person through email.
    The application also offers the benefit of user-friendly controls and a variety of features including job management, scheduling, job status, mapping, reporting and settings.

    Field Job Reporting app: Features at a Glance

    • Creating new jobs
    • Scheduling jobs for any open/specific dates
    • Managing field jobs by updating job details and status
    • View list of created jobs, ongoing jobs or the ones that are completed, according to their completion status
    • ‘Custom calendar’ feature that offers a date wise view of the jobs with their status; users know the jobs that have been completed, the ones that are pending, and those which are long overdue
    • User can input complete job details with a description, time spent, miles traveled and extra notes
    • ‘Mapping’ feature allows user to view job summary with the direction travelled to reach the job location
    • Enables sending of reports to the concerned person through emails as a PDF attachment

    Field Job Reporting application has been strategically designed and developed based on the intrinsic requirements of on-field representatives and enterprises into consideration. If you wish to know more about how this innovative app can help improve your business performance and maximize ROI, do contact us for round-the-clock support and assistance.

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