• Software Development Outsourcing – Is it Worth?

    Manyatimes businesses confront a situation where they have only two options: Either they can outsource software development needs or simply hand over the project to in-house IT team provided you need to own source code. There are some IT outsourcing companies that offer very cheaper solutions. However, you may find it suspicious that why they are offering application development at such lower rates?

    Let the In-house IT Team Build Your Application
    When any new technology is introduced, like SaaS application developers, initially the companies do not realize that often such solutions are not low-priced. However, as the time passes,  this issue will automatically get resolved, in the almost similar way that platforms like Tumblr, WordPress and Square Space are widely used today for web application development, despite of their cheaper prices.

    If you are an software development company and have a huge in-house IT team, it is definitely a worthy idea to develop your website in-house. However, if your IT department doesn’t have experience and expertise in web app development, it can turn into a big damage of your brand as well as your investment.

    There are many companies or businesses who have IT team but they are employed for other things like network sharing, network maintenance, data management and system maintenance. It may be possible that these in-house IT team is so enthusiastic about web application development  or rich internet application that you may need great courage to disappoint them. But, of course this will be in favor of your company.

    Outsource IT Services
    Secondly, you may agree to the price and even your in-house IT team find it right to outsource web development services provided you want to posses the source file. It is like as If you are asking Microsoft that you are going to use windows only when they will give you its source file. This is the real problem or else there are many great application development platforms that allow you to build web apps from scratch provided you do not need the source file.

    These days, mobile apps are the hottest trend. If you have your own iPhone app or android app with the source code, you need to keep your app updating with every new version release from iOS and Android. Apple and google keep releasing new versions at a regular intervals and making your app up-to-date with these new releases is a mind-numbing, scary and costlier job.

    If you fall into any of these three cases, developing your mobile app from scratch is worth:

    1. It’s your main business to build mobile app
    2. You want to make a gaming app.
    3. Your mobile app needs are entirely business-specific.

    If you are developing content-driven application, there is no point of building it from scratch and owing the source file. There are lots of online platforms available that enable you to make content-driven apps in a matter of minutes. Also, the cost is negligible in comparison of what would have caused whilst making app from scratch.