• Yii – High Performance Framework for Custom Web Development

    If you are web developer and working with PHP then you aware of different frameworks.  Working with custom php application development and integration is hard but choosing right PHP framework is much harder.

    yii PHP Framework

    PHP is one of the broad open source platform as it has different objects like PHP4, PHP5, database, modules etc. and lots of coding environment such as CakePHP, Zend, Joomla etc. So basically we choose the right coding platform which is easy to use, secure, latest and have good functionality.

    At VITEB, we have completed many websites and application in Yii , and we found that Yii is one of the best PHP framework as compare to other.
    Yii is well-known web programming framework because people love to work in it. In the fact, Yii is an alias of good frameworks like Prado, Joomla, Ruby on Rails etc. There are many advantages to work with Yii.

    Why Yii is good to use?
    •    Easy to customize themes and skinning
    •    Easy to find bugs and errors
    •    Yii is secure open source platform that protect your web application from other malware attacks
    •    Yii consists powerful extension library as well user can develop custom components based on application needs
    •    It is very easy to migrate any web application to Yii with same functionality as your application have
    •    You can play with AJAX and enhance the user-interface of your web application

    If you want to develop rich, unique and high-end web application then Yii is best option for you.
    At VITEB, we develop custom web application using various platforms and technologies including Yii PHP framework.