• Kids Smart Memory Game for Android: Best Educational Mobile App to improve your Kids Memory

    Mobile apps are dominating the scene and changing our lives in an unimaginable way. Be it shopping online, listening to music, watching news, online travel shows and the list goes on and on. Mobile apps are here to stay and it is not surprising to know that parents are no longer paranoid with the idea of integrating mobile technology into their kids’ lives. The fear of technology taking a control of child’s life is no longer a possibility. Parents teach kids to master technology and evolve. There are thousands and thousands of educational apps that are helping kids from solving puzzles, drawing to cracking Math problems.

    VITEB recently launched Kids Smart Memory Game for Android. This app is a blessing for parents who are struggling to cope with the inability of child to learn new concepts.  Lack of concentration looms large as a deterrent in the overall performance of children today. This app promises to be a definitive memory board game for children of all ages – preschoolers, kindergarten to pre-teens.

    Parenting Mobile ApplicationBest Parenting Mobile Application

    Divided into four categories – Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, and Birds, child has to look for objects that are identical in the picture. The colorful imagery and striking visuals, as well as delightful music all entertain and educate your children at the same time, developing their motor skills. These categories introduce your child to the world around them aimed at improving attention for words and sequencing ability. Game settings allow players to add name and photo. Furthermore, interactive scorecard keeps track of player’s records. “Kids Smart Memory Game” app empowers parents to elevate skills of kids and memory level.


    • Primarily divided into two modes — GAME MODE & CHALLENGE MODE.
    • GAME MODE will help your child to improve his gaming and memory skills and prepare him to progress to advance-level— CHALLENGE MODE.
    • CHALLENGE MODE allows child to match identical objects against the clock in a 1-minute timeframe.


    The Best Parenting Mobile Application You should have if you care about your child!



    Remember that a parent is child’s best friend, mentor, and cheerleader. He needs your support and perseverance to see him through this phase of difficulty and come out as winner.  Together with Kids Smart Memory Game you can make learning a fun activity for your child and remove all drudgery.


    What are you waiting for? It is free app and available on Google Play.


    Let’s Engage your Kids with Smart Mobile Application…..


    Download Kids Smart Memory and improve your child’s memory power at fingertips.