• Joomla Development – Key to Make Your Small Business Unstoppable

    Joomla is one of the most popular and powerful open-source CMS (content management system) available on the market.   Yes, it’s true that Joomla has not created the buzz around as WordPress but this open source CMS development platform has lots of gems underneath. In this article, I will be discussing both the positive and negative side of Joomla website development so you can better have an idea on where to invest your hard-earned cash and for what reasons!

    The Joomla website development project is managed by two large working groups:

    • Production Group

    This group is responsible for the entire Joomla development and Joomla web design process. It is made up of several large working groups. All in all, it deals with all the aspects of production.

    • Community Group

    The community group is responsible for product maintenance or all the post-development activities like participating in forum discussion, responding to users’ queries, managing resource directory & extensions directory, website maintenance and Joomla User group maintenance.

    The Joomla CMS and framework is managed and monitored by these Joomla Working groups and the directors of open source matters, Inc. This non-profit organization provides legal and financial support to the Joomla project. Joomla project is entirely owned and run by open-source community members. The members focus on offering highly flexible and secure development platform.

    Joomla is a one of its kind content management website development framework which is easy to use and highly scalable to meet any complex needs of the clients; especially for small business owners it is truly the best CMS development platform. On top of all, when you choose Joomla for CMS website development, you are guaranteed the 24*7 technical support from developers and other community members.
    Here are the major advantages and disadvantages of Joomla development:


    • User-friendly for all including non-techy persons
    • Up to the mark security level
    • Posting/removing blogs is very easy
    • 24*7 community support to assist you in all technical glitches
    • Guaranteed improvement and advancement in new versions
    • Full-fledged community with newsrooms, forums, blogs or articles that allow everyone to become a part of their community


    • If we compare Joomla with the WordPress then its user interfaces are a bit complex not as easy to use as of WordPress. The admin panel of Joomla project embodies a number of options that anyone seeing it for the first time will get dizzy.
    • If changing color, banners and logos is enough for you, Joomla won’t disappoint you. But, beyond that it’s a bit complex to customize and update in Joomla-based project.

    If you want to ensure good ROI from your online presence, make sure you choose appealing Joomla-based web design and customize it such that it reflects your industry-specifics. Once you have made some sincere efforts using the framework, you won’t find it difficult to operate and manage it.

    Now, what do you think? Will you use this award-winner CMS development platform – Joomla for your web-presence building? The decision is yours. The CMS website development platform you choose is determined based on the goal of your website and your familiarity with the web technology and web maintenance tools.