• Is Your Website as Stunning as your Photography? Winning Photography Website Design Ideas

    Gone are the days when Photographers like you printed huge printed portfolios and later created online portfolios to promote your photography skills and business. This practice has now been replaced by photographers choosing to build photography websites, as an online marketing tool that has a wider reach, along with the benefits of strategic website features to showcase your talent/business.

    Now with thousands of websites available online, how do you get your photography web design NOTICED? Here are some winning Photography website Design ideas for Photographers who want to create a photography web design from scratch or Redesign their existing website.

    Functionality Matters, More than Style

    “Wow, this website looks gorgeous!
    Next moment: “Ohhh! I’m lost in the navigation. Poor image resolution. Too slow to continue”

    RESULT: Site Abandonment.

    I hope you do not want to end up on a result like this. Your photography website definitely needs the exposure required to promote your business and maximize ROI. For a matter of fact, a stunning interface, definitely proves to be a crowd puller especially for Photography websites and drives traffic to your website. But what matters at the end is usability or – FUNCTIONALITY

    Essential Features: Photography Website Design

    Less is MORE…

    Your Photographs are the ‘protagonist’ of your website. So your Photography website design should NOT outshine the images, but make them STAND OUT. Keep things simple and allow lots of blank space.

    Responsive Web Design

    With the world going mobile and your customers accessing websites on their mobile devices, opt for responsive web design for your photography website. This ensures website compatiblity in iPhone, iPad and other mobile and tablet devices.


    Flash is Passé

    Flash design gives a striking look, no doubt. But can you compromise looks for SPEED? Flash is basically slow on many computers, and also doesn’t work without a plugin. Also, a Flash website is difficult to be indexed by search engines. Can you afford to take the risk? Switch to HTML5.

    Stay Visible

    Keep the Photography website design simple and consistent, while ensuring that you stay visible by keeping your clients updated with your work – with newsletters or a News section.

    Initiate Seamless Delivery

    Photography website clients prefer to download high-resolution images directly from the website. Therefore, create effective delivery methods like FTP or integrate download functionality that will streamline your workflow.

    The Right Image Size is ‘Essential’

    A ‘bigger image makes a better impression’ is a myth when it comes to photography websites.
    Because studies have shown that clients ideally prefer photographer’s portfolio images to be between 700 & 900 pixels, not more.

    Photo Galleries Rule

    Create distinct, well-defined galleries by theme/topic to showcase your photographs in the website rather than presenting a slideshow. Studies have recommended galleries in photography website design to be more effective than slideshow, as visitors can save time by choosing exactly the ones they are looking for.

    Implement SEO Strategies

    SEO strategies are an intrinsic part of photography website. Create photography web design where there is a unique balance of search engine optimized content and images, which will help you stay on top of the SERPs and increase your chance to GET NOTICED.

    Be Accessible

    Make it really EASY for visitors to your photography website, to get in touch with you and even hire photographer from your website. Place Contact information on every strategic locations in the website – top right corner, in the footer, sidebar, etc.


    Blog Your Way!

    Blogging is one of the most tactical way to reach your customers. Write interesting, uniquely informational photography related articles with stunning images that will attract photography enthusiast to ‘Follow’ your blog.

    Be Social

    Your Photography website cannot be complete without Social media sharing. Integrate social media buttons for every image in your galleries.

    Speed runs the show!

    While site abandonment due to content usually happens within 8 seconds, visitors to a photography websites are willing to give up to 15 seconds. Check the file sizes of your images if it seems to be loading slowly, and ensure quick and proper running of your website.

    If you haven’t got these essential features on your Photography website, you are missing a lot of action – besides ROI. Time to flaunt your creativity with new Photography Website Design trend.

    Are you ready?