• Is it Necessary to Have a Website in this Social Media Age?

    Some of my business friends often tell me that they are happy with their Facebook profiles and thus they don’t have or don’t even plan to have their own website. There are some businesses who are satisfied with the free social media resources. Does it seem a smart decision?

    Well, my opinion on “Is it necessary for businesses to have a website?” is unambiguous.

    Yes, businesses must have their own website as the only persistent and never-ending thing on the internet is the website.

    I know you will find my opinion a bit inclined as my company is a website development company. However, my purposes are flawless. Regardless of what industry you are in, you must have your own website as that’s the only place on the web where you can have complete authority over the information displayed as well as the messages conveyed.

    Content is King – It Drives Popularity And Esteem
    A website is a center place for all your business-related activities on the web. All efforts performed in order to raise your business sales should be ultimately devoted to the place where you have complete control of. If you want to get a significant volume of traffic to your products or services, you ought to create original, qualitative and interesting content in abundance, which should be posted on your website, website blog and other resources under control.

    What if you do not have a blog page on your website? All the content and information you want to share with your targeted audience is dispersed around the internet, especially on the social networking websites like Facebook, twitter and Google Plus. Such content which is dispersed around the web is meaningless until it has its source or home. Yes, I am pointing to a website. You may get good comments and many likes for your content, but as far as the authority of the content and its purpose are concerned you would have to struggle a lot.

    Are Online Empires Eternal?
    Based on the result of a survey done on the online empires, it has revealed that most successful online empires showed a comparable meteoric rise before suffering an undignified failure. MySpace is the best example for this. As far as Facebook is concerned, it is on top of the market leveraging the fan-following of billions of people around the world and everyone can imagine of its revenues. But, are you sure that the Facebook empire won’t meet the similar fate as those who have come before it? And if you don’t have any clue about this, do you find it wise to put all your content eggs in the Facebook basket?

    The Website is Authentic, Eternal and Trusted
    The online empires may go through rise and fall, but the only thing which will remain forever, in one or another form, is the website. A business website can be a place where you are given complete authority to share your content, message and your business values. A perfectly designed website can certainly do wonders for your business. Want to know how? Get one first!