• iOS 8 Finally Arrives! But is it Worth Upgrading?

    YES, say the experts. Although there is nothing new in saying that iOS 8 has been one of the most awaited iOS update, the newest additions to the iOS – HealthKit, HomeKit and Apple Pay definitely made iOS 8 worth a wait. The new iOS 8 update is not much different to the iOS 7 with a flat design interface; but as Apple says, it comes with ‘deeper’ changes along with an overall cleaning up of the interface. So what’s new and amazing that makes iOS 8 worth the upgrade?

    Path-breaking iOS 8 Features

    With 360 million iPhone users worldwide and growing, iOS 8 promises to take the journey to the next level. From enhanced security features to robust extension; and from intuitive messaging apps to sophisticated Camera functionalities, the new iOS 8 also comes with a superior Map functionality with Siri and enhanced Privacy features.

    However, what makes iOS 8 the ‘BIGGEST UPDATE’ from Apple since the launch of App Store is its foray into the Healthcare sector. The Health App from iOS App promises to revolutionize the way health and fitness information is perceived, with state-of-the art activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and other health and fitness apps. Also crucial is iOS 8’s introduction of Apple Pay that will redefine mobile payments and mobile eCommerce.

    Enhanced Security

    – Notifications are swiped down from the top screen and the “Missed” category goes out. Changing what’s in the Control Centre still isn’t allowed and can only be revealed by swiping up from the base of the screen.
    – With the absence of Control Centre and Notification Centre post restarting an activated phone, not only are you unable to activate the Airplane mode, you cannot even activate Siri that is set to work from the home screen.
    P.S. This security measure will work as a great deterrent against iOS device thefts, because as soon as the stolen phone is turned off, gets blocked till your unique passcode is used.

    Family Sharing: iTunes Purchases Made Easy

    Family Sharing feature in iOS 8 allows up to 6 people in your household with ease share each other’s purchases from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store. It also helps access to each other’s music, movies, TV shows, books, and apps; besides keeping up with each other’s photos, calendars, locations, and more – all done without having to share your Apple ID and password.


    QuickType: Smart Keyboard

    For the first time since the launch of the first iOS, Apple introduces a smart keyboard with iOS 8 update. The USP of this smart keyboard is that it makes typing a joyride by suggesting contextually appropriate words to complete your sentences, by even gauging the language style (casual or formal) to be used based on what you are typing – Message or Mail.


    iOS 8 also allows third-party keyboard integration, which are very much the same, the only exception being  that you have to configure them in Settings by adding them (Settings > General > Keyboards).

    Message: With the warmth of your voice

    Messages in iOS 8 have been designed to be more personal and with a warm touch. All you need to add the extra warmth to your messages to friends and family is, TAP the new microphone button to record your message – either your voice, a laugh or a song and just swipe to send across. Easy and fleeting isn’t it?

    You can also share location instantly through message and let the other person know exactly where you are. Besides that you can also message multiple photos and video instantly with a tap.

    ios 8 warm touch features

    New Photo App – Capture Moments Forever

    The new Photo app for iOS 8 with smart adjustments, photo filters and editing tools helps you capture, edit, store and share memorable moments seamlessly. This also makes searching all the photos and videos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch easier by just searching the photo library. Edit photos in seconds with smart composition tools – adjust lights, adjust colors and fine-tune edits, and make your photo stand out by applying one of the Apple designed filters.

    ios 8 new photo app

    iCloud Drive – Your Private Space in the Cloud

    The iOS 8 update now allows you to store any kind of file on all your devices in the iCloud Drive. You can now not store all your presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, and any document securely in the iCloud and access them from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC. Moreover, your apps can now share files, which means you can access and work on the same file across multiple apps – i.e. you create a chart in one app and place it in a slideshow using a presentation app.

    Stronger Privacy for App

    The iOS 8 update comes up with much stronger policies for privacy, when it comes to app using your device location to give output. As such you all know, “nothing comes free” – when you download a free application, it generally means you are compromising your personal contacts and data. However, all that are going to change post iOS 8.
    iOS 8 comes with even tougher app privacy than iOS 7, and will caution you if an app has been using your location in the background. iOS 8 requests your permission to access the Camera, your Contacts, Microphone, Health app or any other useful elements of the phone. However, what empowers your apps even more with iOS 8 is that you can revoke access, whenever you want.

    Continuity – Across All iOS devices

    Now find iPhone, iPad and your Mac connected like never before. Although, you had them working in unison earlier, the iOS 8 update along with OS Yosemite brings in more power and usability. From browsing the web on your iPad and then continuing the same link on your Mac; or writing an email on Mac and then continuing the rest on iPhone is what iOS 8 promises to bring. And this happens automatically when your devices are signed in to the same iCloud account.

    Health App

    The BIGGEST offering from iOS 8 – the Health App brings about a whole new way of using your health and fitness information. Compiled with an easy to read dashboard of your health and fitness data on your iOS device – you can access all information related to your activities throughout the day, and track fitness using Apple Watch and store all data in the iPhone.

    Your relationship with good health begins by creating a “Medical ID” on your Health app. Here, all details such as your Name, Age, Blood type, Emergency contacts, Allergies, Medical treatments you currently intake, your organ donor registration, etc. are recorded for emergency access. Anyone can access on the emergency screen, sans any unlocking – a boon in situations like accidents or when the patient is insentient.

    Apple have also created the HealthKit developer tool that will facilitate developers to build cutting-edge applications that will allow all the amazing health and fitness apps to come together, and work harder for you.

    Which according to you is the biggest giveaway of iOS 8? Click here to upgrade your iOS Mobile Or iPAD App?