• How to Use Social Network for Business Development?

    Social Networking is a latest buzz on internet. You can make new friends, share your thoughts, pictures, videos and more using social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more. You will hardly ever find anyone who does not use the internet at all in his daily activities. Whether it is a banking transaction or a movie ticket that needs to be booked, everything these days is being done with the help of the internet.

    Although the Internet has been around for quite a few years now, it’s height of activity began with the advent of Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Humans are social animals. This is why they have an innate need to socialize and to stay connected. People appreciate being able to stay in touch with other people at all times. Old friends, relatives and school mates that are long gone can instantly come in touch with social networking sites.
    Social Network also ascertains that physical proximity is not a barrier. People from anywhere in the world can keep in touch with others without having to worry about the distance or time. Social Networking keeps people connected and updated about whatever is happening in their lives.

    All that can be done
    Social Networking renders many things possible. With a one site that helps people stay connected, a lot of things can be achieved. There is no limit to all the things that can be accomplished with the help of social networking. One can:

    • Share Photos
    • Share Videos
    • Send Messages
    • Invite people
    • Play games
    • Share music
    • Broadcast Information
    • Get News
    • Stay connected
    • Find people
    • Get details about organizations
    • Market your Products

    Social Media for Business
    Social Media is the safest platform for business promotion. Like I mentioned earlier there are hardly any people that do not use social networking today, it becomes the easiest platform to showcase your product in order for it to reach the maximum number of people in the shortest time span.
    With features like share and like, more and more people can see your product and identify its benefits with absolutely no investment. Studies indicate that social networking sites have the highest traffic in the realm of internet. This means by reflecting something on your page, you are directly giving access to millions of people to your product or company or brand.
    As more and more number of people see your product the demand for it too will increase and subsequently lead to an increased sales and a much higher brand awareness.

    Calling the people
    See, when we develop a website for a company, Search Engine Optimization plays a critical role since we must invite the people and almost lure them to see our site and then enter it. It is only after the site has managed to come in the top 5 listings of the search results that anyone will even bother to click on the link. And even after clicking on the link, the website has to load quickly before he changes his mind.
    However, the advantage of social media sites is that you do not have to worry about the search engine optimization at all! The site’s SEO has already taken care of it. The number of visitors is already there. You simply have to make them aware that you offer XYZ service or product!

    Marketing through social networking Sites
    There are two basic yet fail proof strategies that you can use for marketing your business or products and services on the social networking sites. They are:

    1. Aggressive Marketing: This is an effective strategy when you put forth a new product or are in the midst of launching something. You can create a dedicated community, page or id for the company or brand and then showcase offers and benefits of the product.
      Aggressive marketing would involve dedicated efforts of increasing the visibility of the product in order to ensure that the people get to see and recognize it. It would also mean you have to provide exciting offers so that people feel inclined to pick them up. You can also give advertisements (at a price) on these sites to ascertain that these ads keep coming up on relevant pages.
    2. Passive Marketing: Passive marketing is more like a reinforcement of an already established entity. So once your product is identified, you can simply use tactics like regular micro blogging or posting pertaining to the product but not in direct usage. For instance, if yours is a beauty product you can share posts about various “looks” or “styles”, while subtly mentioning how using your products is vital for the same.