• How to Choose the Right Magento Theme for Your eCommerce Store

    Ecommerce is one of the most competitive sectors in the recent times. Building an eCommerce website using open source platforms like Magento, calls for strategic decision on choosing Magneto Themes – comprising of the right features, functionalities and technical characteristics. Here are a few must-have features that helps you create a professional Magento eCommerce store.


    Magento Compatibility

    Choose a Magento Theme that is compatible with your store (not one that is visually appealing). As such, most popular theme aggregators offer themes compatible with Magento CE 1.6 and higher versions.

    Category views
    Magento themes and ‘grid and list Magento category views’ go hand in hand, and the lack of one of this options will significantly reduce your catalog functionality. So choose wisely.

    Magento Extensions and Forms

    Why do you choose themes? Well, they are not supposed to be merely the visual epitome of the store. In fact they have a much more than that – offering sales functionality and defining shopping usability. So, when choosing a Magento theme, it is important that you choose by extensions and forms that will be useful to your business. Innovative menus, improved product galleries, AJAX navigation and pagination; besides contact and subscription forms create your entire eCommerce store’s functionality.

    Multiple Language Support

    Availability of multiple language support options is a must, if your eCommerce store targets the global market. Several studies have pointed out that product descriptions in the native language is highly appreciated by consumers across the world.

    Multiple Currencies

    One of the prominent reasons for shopping cart abandonment in eCommerce sites is lack of multiple currency option, especially if you are targeting global customers. Choose to integrate multiple currency functionality to avert cart abandonment.

    CMS blocks

    Want to make your eCommerce store more exclusive and user-friendly? Check out the numerous customizable static blocks that offer advanced opportunities to arrange website content and enhance your shopping experience.

    Bonus features

    Any added feature (like cloud zooms, social icons, AJAX carts, Google web fonts, back to top buttons, SEO options, commenting systems, search boxes, etc.) to  your chosen Magento Theme can bring additional functionality to your eCommerce store, leading to increased sales and satisfied clientele.


    Mobile Responsive website

    Assuming, your website is at a nascent stage and not driving much mobile traffic as of now. However, with the world going mobile; responsiveness is the call of the hour. Studies have revealed that a significant number of mobile users are likely to abandon a transaction, in the absence of mobile-friendly experience.

    Multiple Layout schemes

    Go for multiple (built-in) layout options for home pages or the whole website, as they are definitely an advantage.

    Powerful Admin panel

    Magento themes includes powerful admin panels that allow Magento owners to use all built-in features without any coding. Ensure you choose a theme that provides the same.

    Retina ready

    This is an indispensable advanced functionality to have in a Magento Theme website considering the mobile audience, which demands pixel-sharp for the professional look.

    Customizable Color schemes

    While most Magento themes offer multicolor and easily-customizable color schemes, you may even opt for predefined ready-made options.


    Cross browser support

    If you are keen for creating a high-quality eCommerce Magento store, Multiple Browser compatibility is a must. Choose a theme that works in most browsers – IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.


    Contemplating buying a Magento theme for your eCommerce store? Ensure you choose one that comes with Documentation, i.e. installation and customization guides.

    Customization options

    Choose Magento themes that offers you the most convenient and compatible customization options to suit your eCommerce store and business requirements. Some of the themes come integrated with built-in customization options, so choose one that offer clean and structured theme code.


    Choosing a Magento Theme without going through a Live demo (if available) is not recommended. Most reputed and reliable Magento theme developers offer Live demo option.

    Clarity of Codes

    Most of you choose a vendor or theme reseller for Magento themes relying on the reputation of the vendor. And in case you aren’t a developer, it becomes all the more difficult to evaluate the coding inside the theme. Try to judge the most from customers’ reviews; not to forget considering used coding standards (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, etc.) inside the theme.


    Apart from choosing the right Magento theme based on features and functionality that suit your business requirement and eCommerce store, it is important to compare the prices; because prices differ considerably from one theme to another. So choose wisely!

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