• How can We Prevent Web Page Content from being Stolen?

    How would a blog or website owner feel if he or she found that the blog written on his/her website is same as one posted on another website? Earlier, I used to copy my own blogs and then post it in forums. At that moment, I was not aware how copying my own content and posting it to another website will create a threat for the websites credibility.

    Here, I’ve discussed the top five ways to protect your web page or website content:

    Educate Yourself and Others As Well
    Copying and sharing content of blog, webpage or whatsoever it is without permission from the website owner is against law. I also teach the same thing to my children that do not copy a single word without taking permission from the concern person. Protecting your web page content is an essential thing to do.

    Copyright Content
    To stop others stealing your content, you can copyright it; there are a number of ways you can copyright the blog or web page but the most simplest and affordable way is including your own copyright to each page.
    If you do not want to bury your mind in sand, you can visit ‘My Free Copyright’ website. You just need to report your blog, web page or forum in this website to get an evidence of your own copyright. Development of original content is a challenging job, so don’t let anyone steal your hard work easily.

    Use Copyscape
    Copyscape is the free website that shows you the websites, blogs and forums that has your content. You can use Copyscape on your website. I would also suggest you to add banner and their links along with your online content; doing this will help you educate others.

    Hidden Copyrighted Content
    This is the smartest way of protecting your content. In this method, you can use the same color scheme for fonts as well as background and add the hidden copyrighted content. This copyrighted content will only appear when it is highlighted. Majority of people who copy the content from other websites don’t even notice to this and in case they copy and post it to other forum, blog or website, your copyright will be there.

    Implement JavaScript Code
    JavaScript code can be used to avert copy and paste on your blog, website or forum. If you are posting your blogs on free blog directory, you can’t go for this option. However, if you have your own domain, you can use Java Script to prevent copy and paste; you can also disable right clicking from mouse or prevent your web-page from highlighting too.

    Along with the content development and protection, website maintenance is also important. Save all copies of your online work so in case you find any similar post later on, you can make copyright claim on it. If you do not have any idea on copyrighting, you can hire web design company and leave the rest on its professionals.