• Guest Blogging Startups to Kick off Your Competitor

    With Google algGuest Blogging Guideorithms changing the fortunes of webmaster with every updates, Guest blogging is changing the face of SEO. It is abundantly clear that Google places strong emphasis on content. In order to maximize visitors to your site, guest blogging is one of the most effective and easiest ways. It results in increased target audience and building backlinks, while also enhancing credibility and networking opportunities. Guest blogging is equally advantageous to the host bloggers as they can obtain fresh content which is absolutely free.

    Guest Blogging Defined

    Guest blogging is a proven online marketing strategy of writing for another blog, with the aim of getting genuine backlinks, increasing traffic, networking with peers, and building your reputation as being an industry expert.

    How Does Guest Blogging Work?

    Many blog owners accept and upload blog articles from other bloggers which they believe are, original, well researched, and highly informative for readers. In return, the blog owner will give a link to guest blogger’s site. This will result in links to your site from quality and high ranking blogs of your relevant niche, giving you a clear SEO advantage. Search engines place great emphasis on backlinks from genuine websites.

    Advantages of Guest Blogging


    Improves Credibility

    Guest blogging on high authority and industry-leading websites results in unimaginable benefits. It often leads to increase in your website traffic and actual sales of products and services. Most important benefit is that it reinforces your position as an industry expert.

     Business Networking

    Guest blogs are a great tool to network with industry experts. Blog visitors often post comments which could be potential business leads. It is very important that you adopt a proactive approach towards such leads. You may also receive request from potential contact to write a guest blog for their blogs.

    Quality Backlinks

    Most websites allow guest writers to place author bio/ profile at the end of the blog, resulting in improving visibility of author’s website and organic search rankings. Some blogs post allow inbound links.

    Disadvantages of Guest Blogging


    Risk of Irritating Readers: Readers subscribe to your blog as they value your opinion. However, guest blogs could annoy your readers as they fail to connect with the guest writer who is practically a stranger to them.

    Low Quality Content: There is always a risk of guest blogs being duplicate or plagiarized content from other websites. If you fail to crack such guest posts, search engine also could lower rankings of your blog/site due to duplicate or low-quality content. Readers are also quick to spot such content and might devalue your blog.

    Spamming:Guest posts not related to your niche could frustrate your subscribers and make Google think that your website is a content farm.

    Effective Guest Blogging Strategies


    Original Content:  Always use original content for guest blogging. Fresh topics are likely to engage audience. Google algorithms hate duplication of content and keyword stuffing.

    Start with Small Blogs:Initially it may be a difficult task to get published on high-quality sites. Ideally, you should start off by guest blogging on small sites, learning the tricks that work and building your online reputation.  Once you have a credible portfolio you can target a guest post for a highly popular blog or industry-leading websites.

    Blogging Guidelines: Every blog/website has fixed set of guidelines relating to word count and link policies. Always go through the guidelines prior to starting work on your guest blog. Blog owners will simply reject your article if it violates guidelines. Take some time to read the types of articles posted. Analyse what works for the blog.

    Don’t Go Overboard: Avoid self-promotion. Never try to use guest blog as a direct tool to promote your services/products. Don’t indulge in stuffing your post with links to your own blogs or websites. Instead, write an effective author bio, providing quick link to your website.

    Writing and Research:Take writing seriously. Research your topic well and try to come up with unique content. Shortcut methods like article spinning or plain rewriting just don’t work anymore. In order to engage audience, you need to come up with novel topics. Your blog article should be a masterpiece in terms of your writing, research, and analysis. It is important that you adhere to time guidelines if any, submit articles free of spelling and grammatical errors, and in the agreed format. This will only increase your chances of being asked to return as a guest blogger.

    Social Media:Once your guest blog is published share the link on various social networking platforms. Never underestimate the power of social networking.

    How to Find Blogs Accepting Guest Bloggers?


     It could be a really painstaking process to identify quality blogs that accept guest bloggers. Here are few tips to find guest blogging opportunities.

    • MyBlogGuest

    • GuestBlogIt

    • BloggerLinkUp

    • BlogSynergy

    • Guest Blog Genius

    • Guestr

    • BlogDash

    • PostJoint

    • Copy for Bylines

    • Guest Blogging Websites

    • Fizz Niche

    • Technorati

    • Alltop

    • Google Blogsearch

    • Best of the Web Blogs



    Treat guest blogging as a part of larger strategy of building your links, driving traffic, and developing your brand.