• Google Webmaster Tools Link Data Update & Google Page Rank Update

    As we all know Google is doing more than 500 changes to its search algorithm each year. Most the changes are small while some affects to a large proportion of searches. We also has been experiencing that Google rarely publicizes algorithmic changes.

    Yesterday, Google rolled out two big updates which most of the people as of now may have noticed. One is Google Page Rank Update and other is Google Webmaster Tool Link Data update. I have seen many of our website’s page rank have improved very well, our blog PR has been improved from 3 to 4. I have noticed big change in Google Webmaster Tools, all of our websites backlink data has been decreased approximately 80% (Yes, You have read it right). The day before yesterday, link to your website data (backlink) was showing 56,700 and after update its 10,683. Shocking, isn’t it? I have checked our websites as well our client webmaster data to confirm and all have same effect. I don’t know whether its bug or what. I hope Google will soon update us on the same.

    Google Webmaster Link Update