• Demystifying the Great Divide: ‘Sophistication’ in iPhone 5S and the ‘Color Attitude’ in iPhone 5C

    For the first time since its inception in 2007, Apple releases two versions of the iPhone – the 5S and 5C. The iPhone 5S is nevertheless a legacy bound by loyalty to the millions of iPhone users around the globe, which Apple promises to carry forward each year. However, the iPhone 5C is a bold attempt by the smartphone giant to expand its horizons and target a larger cross-section of consumers with a relatively cheaper version of the otherwise ‘sophisticated’ iPhone.

    iPhone 5S Features: Innovation for the Forward thinking

    Fig. An artistic representation of the shining metallic colors for the new iPhone 5S

    The iPhone 5S is meticulously designed and crafted so as to ensure that it makes for a truly useful, secure mobile device and particularly one that actually enhances the user experience. One of the highlights of the iPhone 5S is its new fingerprint identifying sensor or the Touch ID.

    So, what is it that makes the new iPhone 5S ahead of it time in the smartphone market today? Well, there are many key features besides the fingerprint identity sensor in Touch ID like the 64-bit architecture in A7 chip, a better, faster camera like iSight, a dual LED flash and the iOS7 operating system built specifically for 64-bit.

    Also, what makes the iPhone 5S an engineering marvel is that some of the ‘first-of-its-kind’ features as mentioned above have been compressed in a sheer 7.6 millimeters thin space that is 112 grams light – making iPhone 5S the most incredibly thin, remarkably light and amazingly powerful smartphone.


    The design of the iPhone 5S is precisely crafted for the flawless look – enamored in splendid aluminum housing, combined with the sleekness of metal and glass and sapphire crystal in the Home button, as well as the iSight camera for absolute protection. The iPhone 5S is now available in three classy metallic expressions of gold, silver and space gray.

    Touch ID

    The world got introduced to the idea of touch in a smartphone with the advent of the iPhone, and Apple Inc. now has decided to go a step further with the introduction of the fingerprint identity sensor: Touch ID on the Home button – to unlock your iPhone.

    Store your fingerprint on your iPhone (Apple assures, it will not be shared nor stored in Apple servers), and this will compensate as a passcode, which will always be there with you and one no other person can generate (as no two people have identical fingerprints).

    Fig: The fingerprint is recorded in 360°, which makes recognition possible from any orientation (Image courtesy: Apple)

    The Touch ID is a progressive representation of the sensor technology, redesigned around the iconic Home button. As soon as you touch the Home button, the touch sensor or Touch ID (placed beneath the laser-cut sapphire crystal that makes the surface of the button) quickly reads your fingerprint and unlocks your phone. In fact, you can even use it to authorize purchases at the iTunes App store.

    iSight Camera

    The iPhone 5S has become even more empowered with the advanced iSight camera that lets you recreate moments with an enhanced technology, which is perfectly summed up as ‘larger sensor, larger pixels and larger aperture’.

    Some of the unique features of the iSight camera in an iPhone 5S includes a 15 percent larger sensor, continuous burst mode that allows you to capture multiple shots of the action by snapping 10 photos per second, True Tone flash, that helps you adjust the flash intensity and color temperature (using over 1000 unique combinations), besides Auto image stabilization that activates when you require stability in pictures from noise and motion, from shaky hands or moving subjects.

    Picture taken with the iSight Camera of iPhone 5S (Image courtesy: Apple)

    Coming to videos, the iSight camera in the iPhone 5S allows you to shoot slow-motion video at 120 frames per second at 720p, besides live video zoom that lets you zoom in – up to 3x while recording. The iSight also has the standard options for square photos, panorama photos and photo filters.

    FaceTime HD Camera

    A unique feature that allows you to stay connected with your loved ones even on the go is the all-new FaceTime video call on iPhone 5S that comes featured with an improved backside illumination sensor. Also, if you choose ‘Not to Show, but only Tell’ then you have the liberty to choose audio-only FaceTime calls in iOS 7.

    A7 Chip

    The iPhone 5S comes loaded with the new A7 chip that makes it the first 64-bit smartphone in the world. It gives you CPU and graphics performance up to 2x faster than the A6 chip (available in the iPhone 5C). The result: the variance is amazing and the experience more realistic.

    M7 Coprocessor

    As Apple puts it, ‘An entirely new processor for an entirely new level of efficiency’. Designed precisely to measure motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass – M7 knows when you’re walking, running, or even driving, seamlessly switching from walking to driving mode and offering you turn-by-turn navigational inputs.

    Besides that iPhone 5S comes integrated with exclusive features like the ultrafast LTE Wireless (with 13 LTE bands) that allows you to experience faster download and upload speeds in more places around the globe. Moreover, the iOS 7 is designed to complement the iPhone 5S magnificently using smarter multitasking, AirDrop, and Control Center to name a few.

    iPhone 5C Features: Attitude in Colors

    Craig Federighi, Sr. VP (Software Engineering) at Apple captures the new iPhone 5C as a “vivid realization of hardware and software together”. So, what exactly is the essence of the statement? Well, the inspiration for the new iPhone 5C according to Apple, comes from people’s love for iPhone 5.

    And here in the new offering, where Apple is concentrating on reaching out to new markets (does that refer to emerging markets in developing nations like China, India, etc.?) the innovation leader in smartphones have ensured that the design (primarily concentrating on colors) – youthful and vibrant – is in coherence to the segment of audience it is targeting.

    Fig: Graphic representation of the vibrant colors of the iPhone 5C & the many aspects of the ‘C’

    The design of the iPhone 5C as Apple describes it is created in unison for the phone, material and color with the meticulous amalgamation of the iO7 – offering a defining experience of the hardware and software working harmoniously together. So, who exactly is the iPhone 5C targeting – is it targeting a cheaper emerging market, a younger generation or people who love everything funky and colorful? (We’d definitely like to hear your thoughts on this.)


    Apple chose to implement the best ‘tool of expression’ – color as the primary feature in its new iPhone 5C. Available in 5 uncommon colors, chosen after extensive brainstorming, the iPhone colures are depicted to be a rare combination of expression and experience. The Home screen and wallpaper colors are designed to complement each exterior color. Apple stresses on the fact that color used in iPhone 5C is not just a concept for ‘being painted’, but an amalgamation of how it looks, how it works, and how the entire experience is engineered in.



    Apple’s decision to create a cheaper yet affable version of the iPhone required some of the best engineering brains to come together and put hundreds of man-hours to come to a convincing design concept, which I believe is innovation (even though Apple for reasons best known to them have chosen to reserve the word ‘innovation’ for its brand product – the iPhone 5S). Apple chose to define the design as ‘unapologetically plastic’, strengthened with a steel-reinforced frame to provide structural integrity that also doubles up as an antenna.


    The iPhone 5C as Apple positions it, is absolutely ‘for the colorful’. Besides the 5 unique iPhone colors that are created to give iPhone users an option to choose the color that best define themselves, there are also iPhone 5C Cases in 6 colors, which when fitted to your iPhone create vibrant color combinations that elevate your mood.

    Fig. The 30 fun possibilities with 5 iPhone 5C colors and its 6 colorful cases (Image courtesy: Apple.com)

    The Case design (created by precisely drilled holes in silicon), allows the color underneath to show through, creating 30 fun possibilities besides protecting your iPhone. The worth mentioning part of the new iPhone 5C cases that make them stand out is because, they have been conceptualized as a part of the complete design process, rather than being added as an after-thought.

    A6 Chip

    The A6 chip integrated into the iPhone 5C is designed to be exceptionally energy efficient and helps you to use all the features and apps on your iPhone, without worrying about the battery life. From playing games with console-level graphics to launching your favored apps to loading your favorite blog to downloading and watching videos, you can do everything you want to without worrying about battery life.


    It has got 10 hours of Talk time, 10 hours of Video Playback time and 10 hours of LRE Browsing time. Now let’s find out about the unique LTE wireless feature that is unavailable in other smartphones.

    LTE Wireless

    The iPhone 5C comes with up to 13 LTE bands, which is more than any other smartphone available. This makes a new generation of iPhone users being enlisted all around the globe who can have access to faster download and upload speeds in more places around the world. Moreover, with the increasing number of LTE carriers supported by iPhone worldwide, iPhone 5C users can benefit from it while travelling.

    iSight Camera

    The new iPhone 5C comes with an 8MP iSight camera (featured with sophisticated five‑element lens) that delivers stunningly sharp photo quality. It also now allows you to create HD video and comes with a new FaceTime HD camera.

    Besides, the iPhone 5C also comes with a new Camera app that promises to bring out the photographer in you by allowing you to shoot in either of the 4 modes – Video, Square, Photo and Panorama. Moreover, iSight in iPhone 5C gives you the privilege of choosing from eight live filters for the desired dramatic effect that can be applied before or after you take your photo.

    Moreover, the iPhone 5C has become even more robust with iOS 7 – an interface with cleaner and modest icons, that feels fluid and alive. The built-in apps that accompany iPhone 5C makes your everyday life simpler and organized; whether you need to be reminded of the weather forecast before you catch a flight, listen to some iTunes music or schedule a meeting.

    Will the Great ‘Sophistication vs. Cheap’ Divide Create a Demarcation in the BIG iPhone Family

    Close on the heels of Apple’s BIG September 10, 2013 announcement of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether the smartphone giant’s perception of innovation and adherence to ‘brand value’ will take a beating. Will it create the great divide owing to the launch of a ‘budget’ iPhone that is unapologetically plastic by Apple’s terms?

    While Apple bid adieu to the black and white era of iPhones with the sophisticated ‘S’ series as in iPhone 5S – turning metallic in gold, silver and space gray; it chose to target the emerging market of a whole new generation of iPhone users ‘the colorful’ ones with a whole new assortment of colorful options – white, pink, blue, yellow and green.

    Fig: A graphic representation highlighting the great iPhone debate on 5S vs. 5C

    Now, there have been a furor in the media since Apple’s revealing its newest offering, the iPhone 5C as ‘Plastic perfected’. While some took to social media like Twitter and Facebook, rival contemporaries like Microsoft did not miss a chance to take a jibe at Apple decision to go plastic – mocking them in specially-made ads (which they later withdrew owing to criticism) terming plastic as ‘cheap’.

    Now, as John Ive, Sr. Vice President (Design) at Apple puts in, plastic was preferred to be the most conducive material for achieving the vibrant colors conceived for the iPhone 5C, as such colors would not be possible to derive on metal. Moreover, experts believe there could not have been a better way to reduce costs for arriving at a cheaper version of the popular iPhone – than using plastic.

    You can now buy the iPhone 5C starting at $99 (with a contract), while the iPhone 5S is priced at $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB) and $399 (64GB) with contract. Now, with the color of your phone denoting the price tag, will that create the great divide in the closely unified iPhone family (bound by loyalty to the brand iPhone) that Steve Jobs dreamt off?


    The iPhone, in any form nonetheless is iconic and a symbol of quality, innovation and precision in technology. What remains to be seen is how Apple manages to handle the apprehension that has arisen due to people’s love for iPhone – so as to ensure that the BIG iPhone family remains unscathed of being divided and accordingly branded either ‘sophisticated’ or ‘cheap’ depending on the bucks they have paid for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C respectively.

    While the new iPhone 5S can be called an upgrade or in Apple’s own words ‘Forward thinking’ innovation, the 5C clearly stays away from the innovation tag – stressing on increasing its customer base and selling more iPhones.