• Braintree v.zero SDK Released: Get Ready to Experience Seamless Mobile Payments

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    The statement on July 9, 2014 “Flexible payments platform created with the goal of igniting mobile innovation by giving developers a place to build new commerce experiences” – perhaps sums up the outcome of the much-talked about strategic alliance that took place between PayPal and Braintree in 2013. Braintree v.zero SDK launched in association with PayPal empowers merchants to accept payments through PayPal without requiring to do a separate integration.

    Checkout the revolutionary Braintree v.zero SDK FEATURES conceptualized to create the ultimate checkout experience. Remember, Braintree has been quite proactive in implementing its understanding of the emergence of mobile as the primary computing device for consumers – facilitating seamless and context-driven experiences.

    Braintree v.zero SDK: Features that Make the Difference

    Drop-in Payment UI


    Get ready to accept payments on web or mobile in as little as ten lines of code. Braintree v.zero SDK now offers a comprehensive, readymade payment UI for easy integration into your app or website.

    The Drop-in Payment UI includes a card entry form, which on enabling provides you a PayPal button. When a user completes the UI, your client code obtains a payment method nonce for use on your server. Moreover, the Drop-in UI works for iOS, Android and mobile web.

    For more sophisticated commerce sites and apps, the Braintree v.zero SDK is flexible enough to be completely customizable. This allows merchants to grow and have complete control over the user experience.

    Built-in PayPal

    Got a PayPal Business account? If yes, then get ready for a business boost. The Braintree v.zero SDK brings in expertly crafted PayPal integration. All you need to do is simply drop in a few lines of code and you’ll be ready to accept one-time or recurring payments from millions of PayPal customers worldwide. Moreover, the new Braintree SDK makes PayPal integration seamless – within minutes. Get ready for a complete new experience with PayPal that is more flexible and seamless.


    Image: braintreepayments.com

    PayPal means higher conversion. Braintree mean Seamless Transaction.


    A recent study by analyst firm Nielsen has revealed that PayPal transactions on an average has 70% better conversion rate vs. non-PayPal transactions.Braintree v.zero SDK has been conceptualized with the intent to simplify the payment process, and enabling the most seamless mobile commerce experiences — connecting people and businesses around the world. Also it has empowered developers to seamlessly tap into PayPal’s customer base of over 148 million active customers – giving them the opportunity to expand their businesses with just a few lines of code.

    how braintree works

    Braintree v.zero SDK: How it works (Image credit: Braintreepayments.com)

    Get Ready for the Mobile Payment Revolution


    So, are you ready to integrate the complete, readymade payment UI to your app or site? Get Started. Not only you just require a few lines of code to have access to 148 million PayPal users, the best part is that with most applications being instantly approved, you can start processing immediately. However, as of now Braintree’s PayPal integration is currently available only to merchants located in the United States.