• Best Android Wearable Apps You Must Have On Your Wrist

    With Android wearable around for quite sometimes, the android wear ecosystem is growing exponentially. As Google Play Store is hit by several new apps every month, selecting the most promising and useful app is getting difficult. So to help find the right and meaningful android apps, VITEB have sifted through the cluster of apps for your smart wear and here goes the apps that can add value and efficiency to your android smart watch making it perfect.

    Android Wearable Apps Development

    Find My Phone

    Of course, most important of all when you’re a busy professional, forgets phone often heading out for work!  Find My Phone app will help you catch up with your device by reminding you. Your watch instantly vibrates if you lose connectivity with your phone, reminding you to collect the phone before stepping out. Now, stop worrying about missing your phone now with this smart wearable app.


    For tweet addicts! This app helps you connected with your Tweeter timeline, mark favourite tweets and retweet something interesting! It keeps you updated about your tweeter account without using your mobile.

    Wear Audio Recorder

    Often want to record something on the go? Any reminder or any missive you often have to keep track of! You can record and save it through Wear Audio Recorder! It’s simple and a great arsenal to your wrist, helps keep track of tasks or anything you feel important; simplifying your task.

    Android Wear 2048

    You often deserve a distraction while on your way or subway! Android Wear 2048 is a logic and puzzle game where you have to have a solid planning and strategy in place to play this game. Just swipe the numbers on the screen and make them larger numbers and also viewing your score on double tap. Just cool and healthy mind diet!


    Want to plan your month? Your watch can do! Calendar for Android wear is the answer! See what day is falling when and know the happenings about to schedule in future together with offering an agenda service too without pulling out your handheld device. Tiny, useful and amazing! Keep you au fait with upcoming events.


    Order food through your watch! Now, Eat24 app can help grab some quick and filling bites! You can find lists of local restaurant offering home delivery or pickup services. Have a glance through your orders history, receive notifications about your deliveries and related information instantly. Is it appetizing?

    Wear Mini Launcher

    One of the highest rated apps in Google Play, Wear Mini Launcher helps you find the apps in your smartwatch where you can instantly change the setting like alarm mode, its brightness etc. Making things organized and easily accessible.

    Sleep as Android

    The same mobile app has now shrunk to your smart wear. Tracking your noise and movement while you fall asleep is the task it is meant for. You can charge your phone at night while you watch will monitor your sleep through Sleep as Android wearable app.


    Want to know weather condition? No need to reach your phone. InstaWeather brings region based weather reports on your wrist together with awesome seven custom watch faces displaying radar map, wind conditions, hourly weather prediction and what not! You can plan your day beforehand given weather condition!


    A unique way to pay through smartwatch. Buy groceries, transfer funds, and all other payment needs. All is done through QA quote received by your watch and you are ready to pay for your purchases. No need to reach your wallet or smart phone. Turn your watch your wallet!


    So, it’s time to rejoice with so many wearable apps that you must have for your smartwatch. All are created considering your day today needs! Needs are umpteen so are apps! For every need many apps are on the market! It’s time to find the best ‘must have android apps’ to simplify your life and work.

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