• Apple Watch Arrives! The New Address for Wearable Health Apps

    Apple Watch finally ARRIVES to take on the world with promises to usher a new revolution in Health and Fitness. While the privileged guests at the Flint Center, Cupertino on September 9, 2014 keynote were left mesmerized with the technological marvel of the indigenous Apple product, it comes with a ray of hope for the wearable app development industry.

    Apple Watch: Redefining the Health & Fitness App Industry

    The Apple Watch is designed with the noble intent to promoting health and fitness, where you can SET GOALS for yourself, KEEP A LOG and TRACK YOUR FITNESS achievements. Not only does Apple Watch help you track the quantity of movement, it helps you track the quality and frequency of your movements or daily activities throughout the day. But how does it do this?

    Apple Watch: Redefining the Health & Fitness App Industry

    Apple Watch uses an accelerometer to measure total body movement (Image: Apple.com)

    Well, Apple Watch monitors and tracks a wider variety of your health and fitness activities by collecting a wide range of data using the accelerometer – that measures your total body movement. It also comes with a custom sensor that can measure intensity by tracking your heart rate; besides using the GPS in your iPhone to track the distance you have moved – so as to arrive at a comprehensive data.

    Built-in Apple Watch Apps: Setting the Benchmark

    in-built Activity Monitor Application in the Apple Watch

    The in-built Activity Monitor Application in the Apple Watch helps you measure and keep a track of 3 different health aspects that can help you stay healthier and improve your fitness quotient – helping you SIT LESS, MOVE MORE and GET EXERCISE. On the other hand, the dedicated Workout Application offers you a detailed road-map to fitness, and how you plan to achieve it.

    Activity Monitor Application – STAND, MOVE & EXERCISE
    Activity Monitor Application – STAND, MOVE & EXERCISE (Image: Apple.com)

    Activity Monitor App registers your activity or movement throughout the day and gives you an overview of how active you were. Moreover, it allows you to set your goal – the calories you choose to burn, the time you set for exercise or the distance you want to traverse.

    Here, the STAND ring is an initiative to take a break from your constant sitting period, so as to minimize your sedentary time. The Activity Monitor App as per standard health regulations recommend that you stand up for at least 1 minute every hour. Based on that, when you get a complete ring at 12, it means that you have stood for 1 min in 12 different hours.

    The MOVEMENT ring helps you measure the calories you burn, giving you a real-time analysis of how active you have been and how much you need to push yourself to achieve your goal. The best part of the application is that it allows you to customize and hit your calorie goal of the day. So, beat yourself – you are your own competition, says the Apple Watch.

    The EXERCISE ring captures the slew or brisk activities you do throughout the day. And this not only precisely include the dedicated exercises but also any activity performed at the level of brisk walking or more. The ring closes when it reaches the globally recommended exercise time of 30 minutes per day – and Yes, you need not accomplish it at a stretch.

    The Workout App for Apple Watch on the other hand offers a detailed tracking of your exercise regime and activity schedule. Not only does it allow you to select your workout from a list of activities, but also set your goal, taking into consideration the time you would take to complete your activity i.e. the PACE, the DISTANCE you want to cover and the NUMBER of calories you want to burn.

    The fitness app on your iPhone stores all your activity data synced from your Apple Watch, and allows you to access and refer your workout history whenever you want. Besides that you can also share your data with the iOS Health App that is accessible through health and fitness related 3rd party apps. The beauty of the Apple Watch is that over a period of time, it’ll get to know you just the way your personal trainer would.

    Build Wearable Health Apps for Apple Watch with WatchKit

    You too can make your presence felt in the health and fitness industry by building an application for Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is nonetheless a whole new interface and it’s a challenging aspect to build apps to meet the specifications of a device this small. Also the apps for Apple Watch are designed to take advantage of the flexible retina display, which besides offering instant access to a complete new range of contextually specific controls.

    Kevin Lynch, VP, technology at Apple Inc. introduced WatchKit for developers that offers them all the tools they require to extend their apps to Apple Watch. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first-mover’s advantage and build wearable health apps for Apple Watch that not only does what you say, but also hears and feels!