• Apple Releases iOS 8 beta 3, More Cheers for Health App!

    HEALTH – is undoubtedly the biggest giveaway of iOS 8, which was announced by Apple Inc. with much fanfare at the WWDC 2014. The new application appropriately named the Health App by Apple in its latest iOS update, will serve as a significant place for users to track and organize all of their health-related data. It’ll also serves as the new Medical ID that could help first responders make life saving decisions in the event of a medical emergency.

    Apple released the beta 3 version of iOS8 on Monday, 7 July, 2014 for developers; with several new additions to the platform – including Health App. It now comes loaded with promising features to add to the earlier version.

    • One of the most prominent update is the accessibility of your Medical ID from the lock screen (this is significant ‘just in case’ of medical emergency), which enables a first responder to access the Health App, without having to unlock a password-enabled iPhone. 
    • The Medical ID section of the Health app now includes a red navigational bar, which should make it stand out a bit more versus other sections of the app.
    • Another significant addition to the Health app is caffeine into the nutritional list category, whereby it’ll help measure the effect of the stimulant in sleep patterns.

    What the update means for you….

    The beta 3 version of iOS 8 empowers users to track their steps now by just using the iPhone 5s (earlier performed only using an accessory or wearable). However, this leaves iPhone 5C users off the advantage, as this method utilizes the iPhone 5s’s built-in M7 processor. If reports are to be believed, the plan to on include another co-processor in the next iPhone, so as to harness the advantage of this feature set is already in Apple’s planning list.

    iOS 8 Health App Features: What is does for you

    - Dashboard, where total metrics will be offered as cards.
    My Health, where users can enter in data points manually.
    – Sources wherefrom apps can be granted access and compatible devices can be paired with, so as to automate the collection of some data.
    Medical ID that allows users to enter information (such as emergency numbers).


    Image credit: Apple.com/ios/ios8/

    Health apps in iOS 8 might just be the beginning of a health revolution. Besides creating the easy-to-read dashboard of your health and fitness data, Apple makes space to create a new tool for developers called HealthKit that allows all the incredible health and fitness apps to work TOGETHER and HARDER for you.

    The new Health App in iOS 8 will work as the address where all your health data – blood sugar heart rate, calories burned and cholesterol will be stored to be accessed anywhere, anytime and on the go with just a tap. Not to forget the most significant feature that allows you to create an Emergency card with important health information (like blood type or allergies).

    iOS 8  Beta 3: More Reasons to Cheer!

    The new iOS 8 beta update brings along “bug fixes and improvements” of identified issues in the previous beta versions like authentication, AVCapture, backup, battery life, Bluetooth, Apple’s Bug Reporter, CarPlay, CloudKit, Document providers, Extensions, FaceTime, Family Sharing, HealthKit, HomeKit, and third-party keyboards, among others.

    Here are a few of the many improvements the new beta version brings in apart from the Health app:


    PS: You can now download iOS 8 beta 3 from Apple’s developer portal or as a 388-megabyte over-the-air update, sports build number 12A4318c.

    Partnering Health with Business

    Apple has recently revealed the list of its Health App Partners, which include Nike, Fitbit, Wahoo Fitness, iHealth, and Withings. It has also partnered with Mayo Clinic on an app with thresholds for patients’ personalized healthcare parameters. The app will automatically ‘alert’ and allow the hospital to be automatically contacted if certain data is at dangerous levels.

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    Is your business ready to build apps for HealthKit? How do you think iOS 8 Health App features will help revolutionize the Healthcare industry?