• AMP Pages Will Help You Drive More Traffic From Google Search: Google

    Speed is the essence in this age of digital world. If the page of a website or ecommerce site takes more than few seconds to load, it may impact its overall ranking and appeal. Everyone wants to read and visit the content that loads faster! This becomes even more important on mobile phones.

    Google Sending Traffic to AMP Pages in Google Search

    Given the problem of slow loading mobile pages, Google has come up with a new Accelerated Mobile Page Project, which is set to reflect in the search results as early as late February this year. It is expected that this new AMP project support by Google, Twitter and many other publishers will be instrumental in building speed and momentum both of mobile website.

    In an effort to counter and challenge recently introduced Instant Articles of Facebook, Google team has also included the analytical tools in AMP pages to maintain the traffic to the publishers sites. With this project Google is set to fuel the web browser on mobile devices.

    What is AMP Project?

    It is actually a technical specification to accelerate the mobile pages. It is a set of HTML having specific JavaScript elements; although limited, which is crafted to create ‘reading’ content, not being just interactive. AMP is in fact optimized web pages that allows search to display the contents much faster. It is an open source framework built on web technologies enabling the developers to create light weight web pages easily.

    Why AMP Project?

    Nowadays websites are flooded with demographic data tracking codes and multiple heavy video ads, which is frustrating the mobile users as it is slowing down the loading speed of pages! Using AMP library developers would get custom components for creating websites that load much faster than normal web pages.


    To prepare yourself to this project two things can be done! One – you need to build AMP pages for your website and ensure that those pages are valid as per the guidelines and second is how to streamline creating pages. Good news is WordPress CMS has a plugin available that you can use to create AMP pages. Hurry up! If you’re into CMS and have wide range of web pages!

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