• Advantages and Reasons of Choosing PHP for Custom Business Application Development

    These days, the domain of custom business application is undergoing a huge transformation. Up till now, the business application like CRM, ERP and data mining were treated as the stiffest and expensive solutions for small business owners. All of this business application solution uses server-client architecture wherein the main database is deployed in the server and rest all client PCs need separate applications.

    Often these client applications involve large licensing fees, expensive hardware, database and copyrighted software to run the application. This arrangement also asks for continuous maintenance to ensure proper functionality. Moreover, if businesses need customized PHP application development, the service provider used to charge large cost which small businesses can’t afford.

    Custom Business Application
    However, over the several years, a revolutionary transformation took place in the arena of custom business development. Today, the custom web application software is available on the web. Moreover, the advent of cloud computing, cheaper internet services, faster web and boosted server capacity have smoothened the process of application development.

    Today, people are using internet mails, online social networking websites, online word processors & spreadsheets and online calendars commonly in their day to day lives. With the soaring demand and popularity of the internet, web programming languages are also thriving at a lightning speed. The web development platforms are getting more secure, more advanced and more stable.

    Pioneering web programming languages like PHP, Perl and ruby are widely used by businesses. Small and mid-sized business owners, who want to benefit their business via enhanced control of business processes, employees, consumers or clients and investment, choose PHP as a web programming language and MySQL as databank for custom web application development from the scratch. Such custom business applications are reasonable considering future benefits as it shares information effectively with all stakeholders and boost your business growth.

    Here are the top six reasons for choosing PHP for your custom business application development:

    • PHP is amongst most powerful and flexible web development platform that accommodates all your business expansions efficiently.
    • There are a number of easy to use PHP frameworks available on the market like CakePHP, Symfony Framework and Zend Framework.
    • PHP frameworks are expanding at a fast pace thus you may get an opportunity to utilize new PHP-based applications. PHP frameworks also allow to make standard codes and then reuse the code anytime during the development. Thus, you need not to rewrite the same code.
    • Perl and Python are highly efficient compilers for PHP applications. These are open source web development platforms that are limited to the professional programmers.
    • PHP itself is an open-source framework, which is supported by a huge web-based community. Even if you are newbie in PHP web development, you will easily find lots of tutorials and programming guides about PHP on the web.
    • The integration of PHP with the MySQL database server and Apache web server unfold a unique and powerful, yet, affordable option for building web-based applications.