Understanding the Mechanism of App Store Optimization (ASO)


You have spent grueling hours on coding and fixing technical bugs, getting the near perfect user interface, as well as testing for optimum speed and performance. Now your app is ready to rock the app store. Right? Well sadly, you are mistaken.

Your app is not alone. There are more than 1 million apps in the App Store, competing for users’ attention in nearly each and every category imaginable. It is not just about building a great product. You need to envision an effective marketing and promotion plan to reach out to the people who need it most. With this ultimate goal in mind, App store optimization (ASO) is fast becoming a key factor to the success of your mobile app.

What is ASO?

ASO basically involves optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in search results of the app store results, results in greater visibility among target audience. That increased visibility translates into more traffic in the app store for your app.

How to increase mobile app downloads?

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Apple Gearing up for Future with A7 Chip & 64-bit Architecture


Apple recently updated the guidelines on their website for the development of applications for the iOS 8, adding that 64-bit support and the iOS 8 SDK is now a mandatory requirement.

While developers of applications can submit 32-bit applications or universal binaries, but that will no longer be an option from February 2015. 64-bit architecture will ensure optimum performance and memory gains for newer devices. This is mainly due to the fact that running the 32-bit apps requires loading a lot of additional resources into system memory.

The Cupertino based company wrote “As we announced in October, beginning on February 1, 2015 new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK. Beginning June 1, 2015 app updates will also need to follow the same requirements. To enable 64-bit in your project, we recommend using the default Xcode build setting of “Standard architectures” to build a single binary with both 32-bit and 64-bit code.”

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How To Make Your Website Design Compatible for Tablet Devices


More number of people are preferring to use tablets (about 54 percent) for viewing websites in comparison to smartphones. Also, visitors are found to view 70 percent more page in tablets than smartphones. Nonetheless, there has been a steady growth in tablet sales over the last couple of years with sales increasing almost 78 percent in 2011.

At the same time, recent statistics have revealed that in 2013, Android tablets sale has surpassed iOS tablets with 121 million sales or 61.9 percent market share. And if industry experts are to be believed it will soon overtake desktop PC sales by 2014.

The facts are highly encouraging, but what is it that makes standard desktop website DESIGN fail in tablets. A few prominent reasons being: the not too sharp button images, the too small typical 12-pixel font, and many of the features that just do not work on tablets. However, the best part is that you do not require to revamp your website totally – Just make it Tablet-friendly!

Increase Default Font Size and Line Height

Tablet users, like any other mobile users are mostly on the move and are considered to be an impatient lot. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not make users double tap or pinch your content. The basic point is that text should always be readable, irrespective of how a user holds their tablet – Landscape or Potrait. Increase the font size of your web content to at least 16pixel (from the standard 12px) and also add a line height of 1.5. This will allow for enough space between texts on content-rich pages.

Improve User Accuracy by Increasing Button Size

Since the user is using his/her fingers instead of a cursor to select an item on the website in a tablet, the fingers being gawkier than the cursor increase the chances of misjudging the target. Therefore, it is important that besides making the targets larger, the space between different touch targets are also increased so as to improve user accuracy. Research have shown that human fingertips require more than 44 pixel for a comfortable fit within a touch target. So, keep this in mind when designing buttons or tabs for a tablet web design.

Ensure that every button is designed with a minimum 44px by 44px along with padding, since it helps increase the actual area required for tapping.

Website Design Compatible for Tablet Devices

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iOS 8 Finally Arrives! But is it Worth Upgrading?


YES, say the experts. Although there is nothing new in saying that iOS 8 has been one of the most awaited iOS update, the newest additions to the iOS – HealthKit, HomeKit and Apple Pay definitely made iOS 8 worth a wait. The new iOS 8 update is not much different to the iOS 7 with a flat design interface; but as Apple says, it comes with ‘deeper’ changes along with an overall cleaning up of the interface. So what’s new and amazing that makes iOS 8 worth the upgrade?

Path-breaking iOS 8 Features

With 360 million iPhone users worldwide and growing, iOS 8 promises to take the journey to the next level. From enhanced security features to robust extension; and from intuitive messaging apps to sophisticated Camera functionalities, the new iOS 8 also comes with a superior Map functionality with Siri and enhanced Privacy features.

However, what makes iOS 8 the ‘BIGGEST UPDATE’ from Apple since the launch of App Store is its foray into the Healthcare sector. The Health App from iOS App promises to revolutionize the way health and fitness information is perceived, with state-of-the art activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and other health and fitness apps. Also crucial is iOS 8’s introduction of Apple Pay that will redefine mobile payments and mobile eCommerce.

Enhanced Security

- Notifications are swiped down from the top screen and the “Missed” category goes out. Changing what’s in the Control Centre still isn’t allowed and can only be revealed by swiping up from the base of the screen.
- With the absence of Control Centre and Notification Centre post restarting an activated phone, not only are you unable to activate the Airplane mode, you cannot even activate Siri that is set to work from the home screen.
P.S. This security measure will work as a great deterrent against iOS device thefts, because as soon as the stolen phone is turned off, gets blocked till your unique passcode is used.

Family Sharing: iTunes Purchases Made Easy

Family Sharing feature in iOS 8 allows up to 6 people in your household with ease share each other’s purchases from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store. It also helps access to each other’s music, movies, TV shows, books, and apps; besides keeping up with each other’s photos, calendars, locations, and more – all done without having to share your Apple ID and password.


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Apple Watch Arrives! The New Address for Wearable Health Apps


Apple Watch finally ARRIVES to take on the world with promises to usher a new revolution in Health and Fitness. While the privileged guests at the Flint Center, Cupertino on September 9, 2014 keynote were left mesmerized with the technological marvel of the indigenous Apple product, it comes with a ray of hope for the wearable app development industry.

Apple Watch: Redefining the Health & Fitness App Industry

The Apple Watch is designed with the noble intent to promoting health and fitness, where you can SET GOALS for yourself, KEEP A LOG and TRACK YOUR FITNESS achievements. Not only does Apple Watch help you track the quantity of movement, it helps you track the quality and frequency of your movements or daily activities throughout the day. But how does it do this?

Apple Watch: Redefining the Health & Fitness App Industry

Apple Watch uses an accelerometer to measure total body movement (Image: Apple.com)

Well, Apple Watch monitors and tracks a wider variety of your health and fitness activities by collecting a wide range of data using the accelerometer – that measures your total body movement. It also comes with a custom sensor that can measure intensity by tracking your heart rate; besides using the GPS in your iPhone to track the distance you have moved – so as to arrive at a comprehensive data.

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Mobile Contactless Payments: The Paradigm Shift to an All-digital Age


With cash transactions emerging as the least preferred mode of payment, contact-less payment systems like credit cards, debit cards, smartcards and other devices using radio-frequency identification are used for making secure payments. However, more recently the contact-less payment system is experiencing a paradigm shift as it is making way to the all-digital age with Mobile Contact-less Payment.

What is Mobile Contactless Payment?

Mobile Contactless Payments is a path-breaking payment system where smartphones equipped with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is used mainly for performing small transactions. Here, customers using contactless payment technology in their mobile phones are allowed to pay for goods and services by simply holding their mobile device to the contactless payment terminal.

Usually given a maximum limit of 15-20 bucks, mobile contactless payment is ideal for making quick, low-value transactions like purchasing tickets in trains and buses, a quick bite or coffee at a food joint or the last minute buying of a birthday card. The privileges it brings are:

  • No physical contact with the terminal.
  • Customers are NOT required to enter a PIN.
  • Authorization or receipts NOT required.

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Create Portfolio Website Design for Models: Stand Out, Get Noticed!


MODELs and Glamour are inseparable and so is their stunning presence and ability to convey a message. But with hundreds of thousands of models in the fray, how do you intend to GET NOTICED?

In a ramp show, you get noticed by a hundred; a billboard assignment helps you get noticed by thousands. But a dedicated modelling website can help you get noticed by millions. Most people on knowing this go on to Create Portfolio website for Models using Models website builder.

But you must understand that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all modeling website design. Go for custom WordPress modeling website design that besides upholding your talent and portfolio will help you easily manage your portfolio modeling website.


Checkout Our Website: http://www.viteb.com/model/

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Is Your Website as Stunning as your Photography? Winning Photography Website Design Ideas


Gone are the days when Photographers like you printed huge printed portfolios and later created online portfolios to promote your photography skills and business. This practice has now been replaced by photographers choosing to build photography websites, as an online marketing tool that has a wider reach, along with the benefits of strategic website features to showcase your talent/business.

Now with thousands of websites available online, how do you get your photography web design NOTICED? Here are some winning Photography website Design ideas for Photographers who want to create a photography web design from scratch or Redesign their existing website.

Functionality Matters, More than Style

“Wow, this website looks gorgeous!
Next moment: “Ohhh! I’m lost in the navigation. Poor image resolution. Too slow to continue”

RESULT: Site Abandonment.

I hope you do not want to end up on a result like this. Your photography website definitely needs the exposure required to promote your business and maximize ROI. For a matter of fact, a stunning interface, definitely proves to be a crowd puller especially for Photography websites and drives traffic to your website. But what matters at the end is usability or – FUNCTIONALITY

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How to Choose the Right Magento Theme for Your eCommerce Store


Ecommerce is one of the most competitive sectors in the recent times. Building an eCommerce website using open source platforms like Magento, calls for strategic decision on choosing Magneto Themes – comprising of the right features, functionalities and technical characteristics. Here are a few must-have features that helps you create a professional Magento eCommerce store.


Magento Compatibility

Choose a Magento Theme that is compatible with your store (not one that is visually appealing). As such, most popular theme aggregators offer themes compatible with Magento CE 1.6 and higher versions.

Category views
Magento themes and ‘grid and list Magento category views’ go hand in hand, and the lack of one of this options will significantly reduce your catalog functionality. So choose wisely.

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Braintree v.zero SDK Released: Get Ready to Experience Seamless Mobile Payments


paypal braintree

The statement on July 9, 2014 “Flexible payments platform created with the goal of igniting mobile innovation by giving developers a place to build new commerce experiences” – perhaps sums up the outcome of the much-talked about strategic alliance that took place between PayPal and Braintree in 2013. Braintree v.zero SDK launched in association with PayPal empowers merchants to accept payments through PayPal without requiring to do a separate integration.

Checkout the revolutionary Braintree v.zero SDK FEATURES conceptualized to create the ultimate checkout experience. Remember, Braintree has been quite proactive in implementing its understanding of the emergence of mobile as the primary computing device for consumers – facilitating seamless and context-driven experiences.

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